HQ Trivia has become the new craze around the country. A simple way to win money twice a day: all you have to do is answer 12 trivia questions. Easier said than done. The app recently gave away $20,000 for the winners to split during halftime of the SuperBowl. That is a lot of money that I would appreciate as a college student right now. Here are some reactions that occur when playing HQ.

1. Getting ready to play

2. Listening to the hype music before it starts

3. Reading all of the comments

4. Seeing that a million people are playing

5. The game starts

6. Knowing the first question without even having to Google

7. Realizing the questions are getting harder and harder

8. Having to use your life on question 7

9. Getting out on a question that is impossible to Google

Or in the rare case.....10. WINNING!!!!!

11. Waiting for the next time you can play again