A father is a daughter's first love and favorite superhero. He never fails to put a smile on your face and make you feel protected and loved when you need it most. If you're a daddy's girl, there are a few things you know to be true!

1. You can do no wrong.

It doesn't matter if you burn the house down, there's no way your dad can stay mad at his little angel.

2. You can always count on his "dad jokes" to make you smile.

Bad day? Leave it to dad to tell a corny joke that will make you want to roll your eyes and smile at the same time.

3. The best time of day is when dad gets home!

We wait patiently for dad to get off work and come home to spend time with his little girl. It's our favorite part of the day.

4. A dad's hug is the best hug.

There's nothing like a hug from your dad, especially because they're usually a little too long and a little too tight, but that's how you know it's a dad's hug.

5. He always tells you the truth.

Even if you don't want to hear it, you can always count on him to tell you the honest truth. And the truth is only ok when it comes from him.

6. He makes everything fun.

Dad's can turn even the most boring activity into the most fun thing you've ever done. Not to mention he is willing to play whatever his little girl wants.

7. To us, he can do anything. He's the world's greatest superhero. He's a pack mule, problem solver, goofball...he does it all.

8. He

taught us everything we need to know about sports.

Boys ar
e amazed by how much we

know about football, baseball, basketball. You name it, we know it.

9. He will forever be our first love.
No matter how many heartbreaks we experience, our dad
taught us what it's like to be loved by a true man.

10. He's your biggest fan. He's the loudest one in the crowd at any of your events and you can always count on him to beam with pride whenever you accomplish something.

11. You'll always have your partner in crime.
A father-daughter bond is unbreakable. He's your best friend, role model and dad all in one. It doesn't get much better than that!