11 Things Every College Girl Is Thankful For, As Cliche As It Might Sound

11 Things Every College Girl Is Thankful For, As Cliche As It Might Sound

Go out and share some of that thankfulness to others!

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Thanksgiving is upon us, and it's that special time of year where we reflect on our lives and everything in it that we are very blessed to have. For college girls, especially sorority girls, the things that we are thankful for may sound very redundant. However, that doesn't mean we don't truly appreciate the things in our lives that make us thankful, and these things just may be common for others as well.

So, here's 11 things every college girl is thankful for, as cliche as it might sound.

1. Her School Friends

College is hard, but it's made a lot easier when you have a good group of gal pals (and guys) around you to support you through the tough school work and still have fun with. College would suck a whole lot more doing it all alone.

2. Her Home Friends

Who else are you supposed to hang out with when home for the holidays? I'm so fortunate to have a close group of friends from high school that still message each other every day, and it's nice to share our home connection but still keep one another updated on our lives.

3. Her Sorority Sisters

For many college girls, joining a sorority is a chance to join a close-knit group of girls with similar interests and common goals. I'm thankful for my sorority sisters for having my back, having good times with me, and making my big school seem a lot smaller.

4. Her Actual Sisters (and Brothers and Parents)

It's hard being away from family, but that longing makes actually getting home to see them so much better. I'm so thankful for a supportive family who wants to see me do well here at school and still keeps me in the loop (sometimes) about everything happening back at home.

5. Her College

With some exceptions, most girls love their schools and are so thankful for the chance to get an education from that institution, and looking back on her college years, she'll be thankful for the opportunity to make such great friends and learn so much.

6. Online Shopping

Many college students don't have the luxury of having a car on campus or most malls or stores within walking distance, so online shopping is key to getting those necessities (and not so necessities) throughout the semester. She's very thankful for Amazon Prime's two-day shipping.

7. Her Boyfriend

If she's in a relationship, chances are she's very fortunate to have a boyfriend who loves her, supports her, and wants to see her do her best. If you're like me, you're extra thankful to have a special someone like that in your life.

8. Free Food

One thing at college you don't always get anywhere else: free food. Her bank account is extra thankful every time she goes to an event with free pizza rather than swiping her card again for dinner.

9. Dogs

I've never had a dog, but luckily my friends, family, and random passerby's on campus keep me full of doggo joy throughout the year. I'm thankful for this loving animal, even though I've never had one to personally call my own. (Also, even though I'm not a huge cat person myself, shoutout to those of you thankful for your cats this year).

10. Netflix and Youtube

I've been personally too stressed and busy to be keeping up with my favorite shows on Netflix this semester (Stranger Things 2, you will be watched soon, I promise), but I have been keeping up-to-date with some of my favorite Youtube channels. Your favorite college girls are very thankful for these streaming sources of entertainment.

11. Holiday Breaks

After months of constant classes, due dates, and studying, your college girl is extra thankful for a few days off to spend time with family and relax, hopefully without any pressing school thoughts. She'll be even more thankful in about a month once finals are done and she gets a whole month off.

* * *

Now that you know just a few of some of the most cliche, but still worthy items, college girls are thankful for, go out and share some of that thankfulness to others!

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