11 Artists Who Should Have Won 'The Voice'

11 Artists Who Should Have Won 'The Voice'

Their talent was so underrated


1. Dia Frampton (season 1)

Dia was robbed of the Voice title by Javier Colon, who eventually got dropped from his record label, but still released an album titled Red under Universal Republic Records in 2011 featuring "Good Boy" and "Don't Kick the Chair" which gave similar vibes to her Heartless cover on 'The Voice'. Currently, Dia and her sister are still a band and she seems to have no intentions of going solo again anytime soon.

2. RaeLynn (Season 2)

Raelynn, a Miranda Lambert fan and all-around firecracker, was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the second season by Blake Shelton. Ultimately 'The Voice' did RaeLynn a lot of good. After a semi-failed single launch for "Boyfriend", she signed to Warner Music Nashville, released her Me EP and is set to release her album Wildhorse March 24th with tracks such as "Diamonds" and "Love Triangle".

3. Jordan Pruitt (Season 3)

Yes, the teen who shot to stardom via Disney Channel auditioned and made Christina Aguilera's team in season 3. She was eliminated during the battle rounds, but should have been given more of a chance to develop her ability and try to break the teen pop star image. Although Jordan should have been given the opportunity to advance much further than she did, fans can currently find her music on iTunes, spotify, iheartradio, and youtube. Jordan currently teaches voice lessons via Skype courtesy of her twitter (@jordanblogs)

4. Judith Hill (Season 4)

Judith Hill was a backup singer for Michael Jackson and was featured in an Oscar winning documentary. Judith came to 'The Voice' with a soulful rendition of Christina Aguilera's "What A Girl Wants". It's undeniable that Judith's voice is powerful, but she eliminated in the live shows because she chose to sing #ThatPower. Really Judith Hill should have been the winner for season 4. you can currently find her latest album, Back in Time, on iTunes.

5. Matthew Schuler (season 5)

Matthew Schuler was another soulful artist who fell short of claiming The 'Voice' title, but he should have. He was by far the best contestant of season 5. He's incredibly passionate about music and had a story to accompany his passion. Matthew is lending his voice to Daytripper on the upcoming album Golden Feilds set to release March 31st. Find Matthew's latest single here.

6. Christina Grimmie (Season 6)

Christina Grimmie rose to fame on YouTube and auditioned for season six of 'The Voice'. From her blind audition to her rendition of Elvis Presely's "Can't Help Falling in Love" she proved to be a fan favorite but should have won. Christina's 'Side A' EP is available on iTunes along with her previous albums and her newest single "Invisible". Unfortunately, Christina will not release any new music, because she was shot after a concert in Florida this past summer and passed away from complications. Fans have all of her youtube videos and songs to keep her memory alive.

7. Matt McAndrew (season 7)

His voice was so smooth. Like butter. He should have won. Impeccable songwriting ability and voice. He was the whole package, but was robbed of the title. Find his latest on iTunes

8. Hannah Kirby (season 8)

Hannah should have been given the opportunity to advance further in the live shows. Hannah showed so much potential, but was not lucky enough to continue on the show. Find her album, Fire in My Soul, on iTunes.

9. Amanda Ayala (Season 9)

Amanda had an appreciation for rock music that is not seen in most people her age. A member of team Adam, she was learning from one of the best. She had the potential to go and win the show, but was eliminated in the battle rounds. Find "Her." on iTunes.

10. Bryan Bautista (season 10)

Bryan was one of the greatest 'The Voice' contestants to ever grace the reality singing competition show's stage. He was eliminated early on in the live shows, which was a tragedy. He was incredibly talented and was a shining star who was overlooked in favor of a more cookie-cutter image. Find his music on iTunes.

11. Natasha Bure (season 11)

Natasha Bure (daughter of 'Full House' and ‘Fuller House’ actress Candace Cameron Bure) forged her own path and auditioned for 'The Voice' earlier this year, but was eliminated during the battle rounds. Natasha's voice is truly stunning and another coach for the chance to develop her skills further should have stolen her. Her style is unique and she doesn't rest on the fact that her mother is a famous actress. This isn't the last we will be hearing of Natasha Bure. Find her 'Voice' blind audition and battle round song with Riley Elmore on iTunes.

Season 12 on 'The Voice' premiers on NBC February 27th.

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