When questioned about the usual cat or dog binary, I will admit I am a dog person. No reason to alarm the cat-loving community, I don't hate cats. Cats hate me. Although there are wonderful breeds and mixes on both sides, limiting cute animal viewing time to one of the two seems silly. Of course, everyone has seen the adorable video of the baby panda who scares it's mother with a sneeze, but what about those out of the class of mammalia?

Take a break from Facebook — I mean, work. The results are definitely awe-worthy.

1. The Dumbo Octopus, Grimpoteuthis bathynectes.

This one may be a little obscure, but surely recognizable with the line, "You guys made me ink!" Most famous for a cameo in Disney's "Finding Nemo," this deep sea cephalopod is the epitome of adorable.

2. Two words: baby turtles.

She can fly! She may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but even devoid of flight capabilities, this baby turtle will steal your heart.

3. Give a snake a chance.

Usually deemed more horrifying than heavenly thanks to features like "Snakes On a Plane," snakes have a bad reputation in the cute department. All it takes is a quick search to see they can be quite smiley after all.

4. We three frogs of orient(ation) aren't.

These goofballs are in for a good laugh, or croak.

5. I want a lottle of axolotls.

Although the one I have met wasn't too nice, this little guy looks completely friendly.

6. He's fur real.

Spiders, like snakes, also tend to inspire fear. This little guy may be a bit on the controversial side, but look at that smile!

7. The Disney princess of geckos.

Seriously, those eyes belong in "Frozen."

8. Everyone's little brother.

You know, he's the one that's adorable, but he also has a gross streak.

9. Squishy!

Dory has a point. Though jellyfish stings are not at all something to be enjoyed, it looks so cuddly.

10. A little ray of sunshine.

Sometimes awkward cute is the best kind of cute, and this guy has it down.

11. Prickly pine.

The porcupine fish is a little prickly. When those spines are pulled back, there is a sweet smile.

We may feel akin to mammals because that's what humans happen to be. However, the other classes have a lot of cuties to offer too. No matter how attractive one species might be, each plays a vital role in our ecosystems.