Every major has a group of people that's drawn to it, and I'm convinced that those traits come out at a young age. Maybe you played with a wide variety of toys because your friends wanted to, but at the end of the day, everyone had that favorite game they enjoyed more than anything. Whether you were a lego architect or a fashion ~queen~, you were probably working your future career on the playground before you even knew about GPAs and grad school (shudder).

1. English- Mad Libs


We all went through a Mad Libs phase at some point in our childhood, except for you, it wasn't just a phase. You had the art of creating a creative story PERFECTED after a few days with that book, and unlike the rest of us that didn't include adding the words "fart" or "poop" to every other line. Mad Libs wasn't just a game to you, it was a lifestyle.

2. Pre-Med/ Nursing- Medical Equipment



If you were a future medical professional, you could be seen sporting the stethoscope (if you were lucky, it made fake heart or lung sounds), pretend shot (bonus points if you chased your siblings with this one), and of course, extra band aids for boo boos. Everyone loves talking about their first patient, and you know yours was your stuffed animals and dolls that received a number of ~failed~ vaccinations and checkups. Hey, you've got to start somewhere, right?

3. Engineering- Legos/Lincoln Logs

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You knew from the beginning that you had better skills than your friends at building with these things. They would make the most ~basic~ towers (one level is for AMATEURS), while you had already built a 7 story skyscraper with bay windows and a rooftop deck. Advanced was an understatement, your parents literally couldn't buy these things fast enough. In fact, you probably still have some in your house because they were just so sentimental that you couldn't manage to give them up.

4. Arts- Paint/Canvases

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You didn't just paint, you PAINTED. You had every color of paint in the book, and if you didn't have it, you knew how to mix it. You probably had to devote an entire room to painting (because let's face it, you were still a kid and made a mess while completing your creations), and even still you probably lost quite a few clothing items to paint stains. Either way, your final masterpieces were SO ~BEAUTIFUL~ that your parents probably still have them hanging in the living room.

5. Biology- Magnifying glass


You didn't need many toys to keep yourself entertained, you just walked outside with a magnifying glass and went exploring. Even at a young age, you were a TRUE explorer and simply found nature itself fascinating. In fact, you probably lost interest in other toys because they just weren't as amazing as the things you were able to find in your surroundings. But, if you needed a rainy day activity, a kid's experiment kid or terrarium would suffice.

6. Education- Blackboard/Whiteboard


If you're going into education, you probably realized at a young age that you were really good at teaching people. Whether you were using a blackboard to tutor your friends, just to play a game, or (realistically) somewhere in between, you were always the ~smart~ friend who could show everyone else how it was done. And if you were lucky, you had one of those multicolored pens and an attendance book too!

7. Business- Cash Register


As a ~true~ businessman/businesswoman, you broke out the cash register at a young age. You probably started playing "store" with your friends, but before you knew it you were selling lemonade and making REAL money. Once you got a taste of that sweet entrepreneur life (and the income that came with it), there was no going back. You had your own business by the time you were 10, and you were told quite a few times that your marketing skills were ~unmatched~.

8. History- Globe

Kids Emotions School Globe

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You were fascinated by the world, and what better toy than one that shows you the whole thing! It was probably interactive and told you about each of the different countries, which was the start of your wide knowledge base. You were simply fascinated by the fact that there was so many different places in the world, and you probably gave your parents a little ~extra~ pressure to travel.

9. Fashion- Dolls


Whether it was Barbies, Polly Pockets, or Bratz dolls, you always had the most ~beautifully~ dressed dolls out of all of your friends. You had no problem getting those tiny little shoes on (because let's face it, you had plenty of practice), and all of your friends turned to you for advice on which top matched which bottoms. You probably had a FEW too many fashion shows to show off your outfit creations, but your parents ate up every minute of it and praised you for your talent.

10. Chemistry- Experiment Kit

MCAS lwukani

You were one of those ~cool~ kids that made everything from slime to exploding coke volcanos. Your parents probably had a recipe book of experiments that you could run because that was the only thing that kept your interest (other toys were SO basic), and when that ran out, you would run to the store to find something new. You often created a ~slight~ mess, but your parents promoted your curious mind and always let you do it again the next day! Bonus points if you won the science fair at your school (every chemistry kid's DREAM).

11. Music- Instruments

Kids "jam" over summer break

Aviano Air Base

You were probably a Garage Band ~star~, so much so that your friends and family were scared to go up against you in a competition. You played an instrument in the band, sang in the chorus, and avidly participated in karaoke competitions with your friends. Basically, anything that took the skills of knowing music, you were an expert at it. You knew at a young age that you wanted to be a musician, and that's probably why you have the skills you have today (because everyone knows that practice makes perfect!)

12. Computer Science- Video Games


Every kid played video games, but you had a new level of understanding about the games. Not only did you love playing the game itself, but you were ~fascinated~ by the graphics, the sound, and the overall ability of the controller to transmit signals to your TV screen to move your player. You were probably the one teaching your parents how to use their own technology too, because let's face it, even they knew you were smarter than them when it came to anything with a screen.

13. Forensics- Binoculars

Girl Binoculars Children Looking Watching

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You knew how to ~inconspicuously~ see what someone was doing from a young age, but not in a creepy way of course. You were always able to catch your siblings in the act of stealing your clothes and toys, and they always resented for your sneaky spy-like abilities. You probably kept a super top secret spy journal of everything you saw, and of course, confronted them about it later.

14. Physics- Pogo Stick


This thing literally allowed you to defy gravity when you bounced up and down, and if you got the right technique, you could be on there forever. Not only were you a pro at this one, you actually analyzed the spring on the bottom to see HOW it worked so you could tell all of your friends. And after a few falls, you tested out Issac Newton's famous line that "everything that goes up must come down".

15. Communications- Toy Phone


If you had one of these things you were a COOL kid. They were basically communication on wheels, which if you ask me is so much cooler than the iPhones we have today. You could call up anyone on these things, and if you're ~drawn~ to communication, you probably spent more time on this thing than anyone else. Whether you were "calling" up your best friend or your grandma, you were constantly practicing your communicating skills.

16. Political Science/Pre-Law - Board Games


If you're going into politics and law, you know the importance of following the rules and keeping everything fair. When there were disputes between players in Monopoly or Candy Land, you knew exactly how to handle it and pulled out the rule book to handle the issue. Because of this, you got MAJOR respect from your friends and people trusted you- basically you were already on the path to candidacy!

17. Psychology- Cranium


Cranium was a game that every kid loved, but if you were especially psychologically adept, you probably had more appreciation for the game than everyone else. This game acted on all of the different ways to use your brain- from dancing to drawing to singing. You could truly see what was going on inside of someone's brain from this game, and that love for the brain only grew stronger as you got older!

18. Math- Calculator

Accounts Mathematics Calculator Calculations Object

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Just admit it, you thought your calculator was pretty cool. You enjoyed plugging equations into your calculator more than playing with ~real~ toys, because the way that numbers added up was just fascinating to you. Don't worry, you were probably smarter than the rest of your class and I bet that you were the first one to get picked for the advanced math class. Loving math is a unique trait that many kids don't possess, and you embraced it!

19. Foreign Language- Characters With Your Target Language (in toy form, of course)


Whether you were a Dora the Explorer or Ni Hao, Kai-lan fan, you probably starting learning your target language at a young age. You latched in on whatever TV show had your language in it and learned as much as you could- which meant having every toy and book from them that you could possibly get! Basically, they get credit for teaching you the language you're now pursuing.