101 Things I Would Rather Do Than Vote
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101 Things I Would Rather Do Than Vote

I waited 21 years for this mess of an election.

101 Things I Would Rather Do Than Vote
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It's almost here folks. The 2016 Presidential Election. The election that I waited 21 years to vote in. Now that it's here, I am super disappointed that the two candidates that we have are what I have to choose from. I don't want to vote for either of them. They both are not ideal presidential candidates. People keep saying choose the lesser of both evils, but there are about 100 things I would rather do than vote for either of the candidates.

1. Go skydiving

2. Get Ebola

3. Watch all the Twilight movies in a sitting

4. Have a baby

5. Do the dishes

6. Spend the night in Walmart

7. Pick my sister's nose

8. Bungee jump

9. Swim with sharks

10. Take an accounting class

11. Write a 20-page term paper

12. Fold my socks

13. Paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling

14. Read the dictionary

15. Memorize the Declaration of Independence

16. Scale the Trump Tower.

17. Tightrope across the Grand Canyon

18. Watch every episode of Days of Our Lives

19. Sit on a cactus

20. Teach the first grade

21. Go over Niagra Falls in a barrel

22. Teach my grandma to use a cell phone

23. Go to a Nickelback concert

24. Down a bottle of sriracha

25. Watch every Nicholas Sparks movie.

26. Bring back Vine

27. Become Myspace famous

28. Pet a porcupine

29. Babysit triplets

30. Fight a bear. A grizzly bear.

31. Roll around in poison ivy

32. Get sprayed by skunk

33. Get Rabies

34. Get Rabies shots

35. Watch paint dry

36. Run for president

37. Have a second child

38. Shave my head

39. Get braces again

40. Wear Hawaiian shirts for a year

41. Learn to play the accordion

42. Eat Oreos without milk

43. Live in the UpsideDown

44. Be a character in Game of Thrones

45. Ride an ostrich

46. Do an Ouija board in a cemetery

47. Run a marathon. Run at all, actually.

48. Teach a band class for beginners.

49. Leave my Christmas decorations up all year

50. Tell my crush how I really feel

51. Dislocate my shoulder

52. Use an outhouse

53. Fly into the eye of a hurricane

54. Get acupuncture

55. Eat gas station sushi

56. Watch movies about the Holocaust

57. Play Cards Against Humanity with my parents

58. Learn a foreign language

59. Watch Dumbledore die all over again

60. Change diapers

61. Wash every car in a Walmart parking lot

62. Pluck my eyebrows

63. Do the cinnamon challenge

64. Wear an uncomfortable bra

65. Do taxes

66. Participate in No Shave November

67. Perform in Super Bowl Halftime Show

68. Get into a snowball fight with an MLB player

69. Get tackled by an NFL lineman

70. Face my biggest fear

71. Move to Antartica

72. Invite a Jehovah Witness into my house

73. Become a professional bull rider

74. Burn my tongue

75. Go Black Friday shopping

76. Go to the DMV

77. Delete my Netflix account

78. Go to Hobby Lobby with no money

79. Get dunked on by Lebron

80. Get a root canal

81. Wear a swim suit in a blizzard

82. Mow the entirety of Central Park

83. Not clap to the Friends theme song

84. Watch Caillou

85. Eat a spoonful of wasabi

87. Read all old Facebook posts from the middle school days

88. Eat 12 pounds of chocolate

89. Have the flu

90. Walk across America

91. Study.

92. Swallow a goldfish

93. Volunteer as a tribute

94. Let William Tell shoot an apple off my head

95. Walk to class in snow

96. Kiss a dead fish

97. Get kicked in the shins

98. Fly over the Bermuda Triangle

99. Move to North Korea

100. Tame a lion.

101. Write this article

P.S. Don't worry Mom, I may not like it but I am voting.

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