100 Things that Scare Me
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100 Things that Scare Me

I'm planning to live a Year of Fear.

100 Things that Scare Me
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I'm currently reading "My Year with Eleanor", which I highly recommend. It's a memoir describing Noelle Hancock's, the author, decision to live a Year of Fear in response to Eleanor Roosevelt's quote: "Do one thing everyday that scares you."

I've always struggled to find the balance between caution and adventure. I like standing up for what I believe in, but I'm a rather timid person. I crave spontaneity but I take comfort the structure of a routine. I love the thrill of taking risks, but I'm naturally vigilant. I want to live a life of adventure, but my caution seems to hold me back.

I'm ready for a change...well, a structured change. I'm ready to be brave and step out of my comfort zone, but only with a designated dosage of risk-taking and a to-do list in my hand.

This book and Eleanor Roosevelt have inspired me to make 2018 my Year of Fear.

So this year, I'm going to try new things, gain new experiences, and live a life I've never known. I'm going to do one thing everyday that scares me, big or small. Obviously, some of the things that scare me aren't things I should try to conquer or will be able to conquer, like being kidnapped, or losing people I care about. But, there's some thing I'm scared of that I know I should try, even if it's just once. So, just to start brainstorming, here's 100 things that scare me.

1. Ducks, geese, and other assorted water birds.

2. Saying hi to a complete stranger.

3. Unsteady bridges.

4. Snakes.

5. Giving someone incorrect directions.

6. Swallowing a pill.

7. Confrontation.

8. The frog-hopper ride at amusement parks.

9. Driving on the interstate.

10. Raising my hand in class.

11. Texting the word "definitely" because I'm never sure if I'm spelling it right.

12. Haunted houses.

13. Bees.

14. Heights.

15. Jumping into water.

16. Coming on too strong.

17. Dancing in public.

18. Being in charge of something important.

19. Walking by street performers.

20. Anything to do with vulnerability.

21. Changing a diaper.

22. Failing at something I was confident about.

23. Going first.

24. Dyeing my hair.

25. Being put on the spot.

26. Rejection.

27. Sending my order back to the kitchen if they mess up my order.

28. Calling someone by the wrong name.

29. Falling down the stairs in front of people.

30. Forgetting my favorite memories.

31. Going to a concert where I don't know all the songs.

32. Telling people what I'm afraid of.

33. Losing my hearing.

34. Losing my vision.

35. Sharks.

36. Wearing hats.

37. Not being good enough.

38. Being picked to be a volunteer at a show.

39. Conflict.

40. Getting hurt.

41. Speaking a foreign language to someone who speaks the language fluently.

42. Shaking hands.

43. Indoor rock climbing.

44. Asking for help.

45. Getting a caricature of me drawn.

46. Making a decision with inadequate time to think about it.

47. Skydiving.

48. Accidentally offending someone.

49. Running in public.

50. Missing out.

51. Oceans.

52. Falling in love.

53. Never falling in love.

54. Correcting people when they mispronounce my name.

55. Spiders.

56. Horror films.

57. Forgetting to do something important.

58. Opening a door when I'm not sure whether to push or pull.

59. Being hypnotized.

60. Eating by myself in a public place.

61. Saying "no."

62. Saying "yes."

63. Wearing clothing I'm not completely comfortable in.

64. Telling the truth when it's risky.

65. Talking about politics.

66. Uncomfortable social situations.

67. Leaving the country.

68. Passing out.

69. Climbing trees.

70. Singing in public.

71. People thinking I'm not smart.

72. Being boring.

73. Doctor appointments.

74. Spicy foods.

75. Any kind of piercing.

76. Not being successful.

77. Walking past groups of middle schoolers.

78. Hugging acquaintances.

79. Cartwheels.

80. Getting lost.

81. Being attacked.

82. Making a bad grade.

83. Crying in front of people.

84. Disappointing someone.

85. Ordering something off the menu that I've never had before.

86. Not having control over my choices.

87. Rollerskating.

88. Job interviews.

89. Having my card declined.

90. Making a big mistake.

91. Not knowing what other people think of me.

92. Knowing what other people think of me.

93. The future.

94. Going into a bathroom stall that doesn't have toilet paper.

95. Being laughed at.

96. People singing Happy Birthday to me.

97. Sharing how I feel.

98. Giving someone a terrible gift.

99. Being the weak link.

100. Living a life of fear.

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