100 Little Things That Make My Heart Happy
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100 Little Things That Make My Heart Happy

I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel so bad.

100 Little Things That Make My Heart Happy

As I created this extensive list, I discovered two things. Number 1: It was almost too easy thinking of 100 things that make me happy, which honestly surprised me a little bit. Number 2: Once I finished I realized I could have kept going. The more I read this list, the more thankful I am for the life that I live and the people who I've met along the way. In the world that we live in, it can be difficult to remember the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. If you can appreciate most of the things on this list, though, you are on the right track to living a life where you simply remember your favorite things. And then you won't feel so bad.

1. An overwhelming amount of flowers.

2. Baby snuggles.

3. Late night life chats.

4. Tight hugs from your favorite people.

5. The color purple.

6. That feeling right before it rains.


8. Goodnight texts (especially from your boyfriend).

9. Getting new pictures developed.

10. Remembering all the words to a song you haven't listen to in a long time.

11. Cheeseburgers.

12. A new coloring book.

13. Mason jars.

14. Sweatpants and fuzzy socks.

15. Kissing.

16. The sound of the wind in the trees.

17. Oversized blankets.

18. Seeing your squad after being apart.

19. Finding quotes that explain your feelings.

20. Being told, "I love you."

21. Walking a dog with your best friend.

22. Rereading a passage in a book right after you read it so you can appreciate it longer.

23. Guardian angels.

24. Cousin love.

25. Writing words that blend together perfectly.

26. Crying after a long time of holding it all in.

27. Feeling refreshed after a nap.

28. When someone surprises you with an iced coffee.

29. Watching Disney movies.

30. Kissing (this time in the rain).

31. Eye contact.

32. Little brothers.

33. Coming home to a house with central air.

34. Absolutely any kind of food that involves chocolate.

35. A sky of swirly clouds and a hint of soft wind.

36. Finding the perfect filter for a picture.

37. Reorganizing your bedroom.

38. New wall decor.

39. Maxi dresses.

40. Floppy sun hats.

41. Group hugs with the fam.

42. A bird that flies to the window to see you before fluttering away.

43. The Notebook.

44. Staying awake until the world is quiet.

45. Starting a new show that you instantly love.

46. Having an awesome hair day.

47. Getting a new pair of earrings to add to your collection.

48. Infinity scarves.

49. Movie theater popcorn.

50. Deep breaths.

51. Spending your weekend being lazy around the house.

52. Planning out every detail of your busy week.

53. Harry Potter movie marathon.

54. Making your parents proud.

55. Inside jokes (tacos, birdies, etc).

56. Withee waffle night.

57. Giving other people heartfelt gifts.

58. Butterflies.

59. Perfume that smells amazing.

60. Making children giggle.

61. When other adults recognize your work ethic, sense of humor, and manners.

62. Being "the tall girl".

63. People who ask questions as you talk.

64. Sparkles and glitter on anything.

65. Giving and receiving compliments.

66. Hand written letters.

67. The question game.

68. Roomie sticky notes (and scavenger hunts).

69. Scrapbooks.

70. Grandparents.

71. The swish sound a basketball makes in the net.

72. Hearing someone talk about something they love.

73. New Year's Eve. And Valentine's Day.

74. When someone winks at you (Hieu).

75. Super Bowl Sunday.

76. Making your mom laugh.

77. Sunsets that stretch for miles.

78. Everything about the moon.

79. Hot chocolate on a cold night.

80. Beach trips.

81. Finding little bits of yourself in the people you love.

82. Meeting people through support groups.

83. Exchanging movie references with your dad.

84. Stonehill College.

85. Snow days.

86. Messy buns.

87. People who respond to your sarcasm with more sarcasm.

88. Picnics at the park with bae.

89. Appreciating beautiful poetry.

90. Building up that self-confidence. It all starts with a little box [ ].

91. Doing well on an assignment you worked really hard on.

92. Rainbows that stretch across the whole sky.

93. Birthday dinners.

94. Breakfast dates.

95. Feeling good after going to the gym.

96. Pretty string lights.

97. Power walks.

98. Cozy sweaters.

99. People you can depend on.

100. Learning to love yourself.

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