100 Things I'd Rather Be Doing Than Studying For Finals

With finals week quickly approaching, I find myself doing just about anything I can to avoid studying for finals.

Here is a list of 100 things I thought of that I'd rather do than study for finals I'm sure everyone can relate to.

1. Sleep

2. Order pizza

3. Walk on Legos

4. Take a bath

5. Watch Netflix

6. Hang out with my friends

7. Go for a drive

8. Go to the movies

9. Go shopping

10. Take a walk

11. Go to the gym

12. Read a dictionary cover to cover

13. Eat Brussel sprouts

14. Play with puppies

15. Swim with sharks

16. Go skydiving

17. Have my wisdom teeth removed

18. Get my eyebrows waxed

19. Shave my head

20. Listen to music

21. Write in a journal

22. Clean

23. Sing karaoke in a crowded room

24. Wear navy on navy

25. Switch from Apple to Android

26. Build a fort in my dorm with blankets and pillows

27. Decorate my door

28. Bake cookies

29. Do a puzzle

30. Color

31. Play frisbee on the quad

32. Wear socks with sandals

33. Swim in a lake

34. Play with a snake

35. Take a scooter to the ankle

36. Stargaze

37. Eat a bagel

38. Watch the Food Network

39. Learn a new language

40. Do laundry

41. Listen to nails on a chalkboard

42. Shave my legs

43. Watch The Office

44. Work

45. Drink coffee

46. Watch Jeopardy

47. Be a contestant on Wipeout

48. Rewrite a 10 page paper after my computer crashed

49. Pet a tarantula

50. Hug a porcupine

51. Get a pet rock

52. Ride a unicycle

53. Learn to juggle

54. Play hopscotch

55. Waste a meal swipe

56. Schedule another 8am

57. Get shampoo in my eyes while showering

58. Squats

59. Remodel my room

60. Wrestle an alligator

61. Eat soggy waffles

62. Get a pack of Starbursts with no pink ones in it

63. Make s'mores

64. Go to a concert

65. Watch silent movies

66. Watch paint dry

67. Have my computer restart for automatic updates

68. Go tanning

69. Jump on a trampoline

70. Skip rocks

71. Wear a superhero cape everywhere I go

72. Stub my pinky toe

73. Get a new piercing

74. Sit in traffic

75. Drive next to a tractor trailer

76. Get stuck behind someone driving 15mph in a 45mph zone

77. Wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt in 90 degree weather

78. Sleep in socks

79. Let my phone die

80. Accidentally bite my tongue

81. Burn the roof of my mouth

82. Read the Terms and Conditions

83. Browse social media

84. Tinder

85. Run a marathon

86. Get a 91.9% in a class when a 92% is an A

87. Drink salt water

88. Let a skunk spray me

89. Lose my ID

90. Have my only hair tie snap when I'm not home

91. Lick an icy pole

92. Watch reality tv

93. Spill hot soup on my lap

94. Eat an entire bag of warheads

95. Untangle headphones

96. Do math for fun

97. The Cinnamon Challenge

98. See Hamilton on Broadway

99. Lose all of my contacts

100. Literally ANYTHING else

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