100 Responses To "What's Happiness?"
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100 Responses To "What's Happiness?"

Little words, bigger meanings

100 Responses To "What's Happiness?"
Kira Stevens
  1. Time, quiet
  2. Family, tradition
  3. Bliss, backwoods
  4. Balance, birds chirping in the background
  5. Pop tarts
  6. Tea
  7. Math, music
  8. Unity, tranquility
  9. Soft cookies, crocheting
  10. Longboard beers, Chipotle
  11. Scented candles, company
  12. Puppies in sweaters, kittens purring
  13. A choice
  14. Contentment
  15. Naked
  16. A reason, chaos
  17. A cliff, blunt
  18. Soft things, books
  19. Direct deposit day
  20. Serendipity
  21. Impromptu high fives
  22. Releasing, accepting
  23. Relief, catharsis
  24. Colorful things, tidying
  25. Vintage, versatility
  26. The opposite of emptiness
  27. Safety, living swiftly
  28. A marshmallow set on fire
  29. A phoenix rising
  30. Patterns that bemuse me
  31. Parallelism, motion, mandalas
  32. A rollercoaster, flitting
  33. Warmth, cool breezes
  34. Finding elevated surfaces
  35. New journals, twinkly eyes
  36. A creation, feeling light or sparkly inside
  37. Hidden truth, abstract definitions
  38. Retrospect, appreciating misconceptions
  39. Crafting, mindlessness
  40. Paying attention, accidental inventions
  41. Feeling clean
  42. Fluidity, resilient thinking
  43. Buried treasure
  44. A new bottle of wine
  45. Books that beautifully hurt my mind
  46. Ecstasy, observing life objectively
  47. A handy dandy hair tie, philanthropy
  48. Sand sinking between me toes
  49. Contrasting views, harmonious tones
  50. Melancholy, a yin yang sign
  51. Vibes attracting tribes
  52. Finally finding a lighter
  53. Defying a descending escalator
  54. Patting your own back
  55. Satisfaction, surprising yourself
  56. Energy, neither fast nor slow
  57. A pause, sitting willfully still
  58. Wanderlust, pixiedust
  59. Fireplaces, admiring flames
  60. Shapes in clouds, entertainment in empty rooms
  61. Fun facts, food for thought
  62. Innocence, expressing genuine sentiment
  63. A home
  64. Smiling at strangers
  65. A drive to carry on bravely
  66. Laughing with no reason
  67. Wearing sweaters and watching snow
  68. Addictive, prolific, pure
  69. Noticing that the grass grew
  70. Anticipating something new
  71. Patience, pondering
  72. Remembering the world doesn’t revolve around you
  73. Simplicity, contained insanity
  74. Crunchy leaves, breathing deep
  75. Running free
  76. Quenching thirst
  77. To love and be loved
  78. To feel excited for another day to come
  79. Finishing a project
  80. A bubbly tingle in my chest
  81. Shameless
  82. A steady heartbeat
  83. Little words, bigger meanings
  84. Authenticity, seeing things clearly
  85. A revving engine, potential I can smell
  86. Incense, a schema
  87. Holding the door open
  88. Hummingbirds, happenstance
  89. Fun socks under big boy pants
  90. Remembering forgotten favorite songs
  91. Internalizing peace
  92. Relativity, admiring lunar activity
  93. Skipping steps, swaying sweetly
  94. Rhythm, a contagious beat
  95. Steadfastness
  96. Renewal, continuity
  97. Dancing through silence
  98. Forever open minded, believing without seeing
  99. Much more than a feeling
  100. An awareness, a state of infinite being
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