The newest trend taking up your entire Facebook feed, the "10-year challenge." This challenge entails posting your first profile photo from Facebook alongside your current Facebook photo or a photo of yourself from 2009 compared to a photo of yourself from the current year, 2019. The challenge welcomes you to show how much you've grown over time and how you've changed. Similar to the way the "glow up challenge" that took over Instagram in the past couple of years. These challenges promote a positive outlet for people to show just how much they've changed over the years and how proud they are of this progress.

When deciding to write about this topic for my article this week I decided to engage in it as well. Upon engaging in this challenge I was able to reflect on the progress I've made in my life. I thought back on all of the hard times and the obstacles that arrived in my life and the ways in which I was able to combat them and work past things to become who I am today. Reflecting on my past brings me a newfound thankfulness for the present.

By looking back on all my past defeats and the obstacles that have challenged me it prompts me to be thankful for the progress I've made in my life as well as the people I've met along the way. While some may see this as just another challenge to make into a meme, it's actually a perfect way to take time out of your hectic day and look around you and recognize how far you've grown. This reflection shows you just how strong of an individual you are. You've made it this far in you're life and have worked past all of your bad days, and the "glow up challenge" or the "10-year challenge" is the perfect way for you to recognize that.