College can be stressful...super stressful. As the semester winds down and deadlines grow closer and closer, it can be hard to keep your head above the water. I found myself caught in a rut today until my boyfriend reminded me- sometimes, taking a break is 100% necessary. Therefore- treating yourself in college, on a budget, can often be the roadblock to that oncoming mental breakdown. So here a few ways to keep yourself cool as a cucumber (or at least help you pretend) as the end of the semester comes crashing down around us all.

1. Take a 15 minute power-nap.

Yep- that's right! Treat yourself to a quick power nap. My dad (probably one of the most efficient workers I know- go Dad!) is a strong advocate, and I'm more than happy to oblige.

2. Watch an episode of Netflix after a full day of classes, then head to the library.

Nothing like treating yourself to some 13 Reasons Why after a full day of classes.

3. Make a quick Chipotle run with your roommate.

If you have like, $10-$12 to spare, this is an instant day-maker.

4. Grab a candy bar from the on-campus Lobby Shop.

Plus, if you have dining dollars, it's practically Monopoly money!

5. Order some anyone?

Depending upon the funds- ask your roommate if they'd be down to split a pie or order from the same place, that way you can treat-yo selves together.

6. Have a wine-night.

Tired from a long week? Sit back with your friends and share some cheap wine in your PJ's...combine this step with #5 and that's one hell of a night.

7. Go hit up Target, they have everything you need- from dresses to snacks.

Why not? If you have spare time on the weekend, treat yo-self to a new top or some microwavable popcorn.

8. Go out for coffee.

Grab a seat at In-House for, like 20-30 minutes, and hash out the stresses of your life with your best friend. Anything can be solved over caffeine.

9. Have a classic GNO at the bar.

Toss them back, it's been a long week. (Kidding, drink responsibly...act like an ADULT.)

And finally, coming full circle-

10. Go to bed early.

The best gift is the gift of sleep.