10 Ways To Spend Your Fox Day
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Student Life

10 Ways To Spend Your Fox Day

10 Ways To Spend Your Fox Day
The Sandspur

Spring has arrived, and to the students and faculty of Rollins College, that means one thing: we've entered Fox Day season. Any day now (or, you know, five weeks from now) everyone's favorite fox statue will appear below the flag pole one early morning and signal a day without classes: a beautiful day to do whatever you like.

As you make bets with your classmates on what day the fox will arrive (and wake up every morning hoping you'll hear excited screams out your window and can go back to bed), here are ten ideas to consider when deciding how to spend your Fox Day.

1. Try a new restaurant and go shopping.

Take a walk down Park Ave, check out Winter Park Village (and maybe see a movie while you’re there), or head over to Disney Springs—your options are endless!

2. Hit the parks (of the “theme” nature).

Disney and Universal are the classics, but don't forget about all the water parks, Dinosaur World, Legoland, Busch Gardens in Tampa, and smaller attractions in our area (like the Orlando Eye and Fun Spot America).

3. Hit the parks (of the “nature” nature).

Take a kayak eco tour, bask in a hot spring, hike through Wekiwa, road-trip down to the Everglades, have a picnic at a local botanical gardens, or take a boat tour.

4. Have a spa day.

Spa Park Ave is right out our front door—or, treat yourself to a day at a fancy hotel spa in Orlando, like the Ritz.

5. Go to the beach.

A Fox Day classic—bring food, a Frisbee, or a surfboard, and you can’t go wrong.

Wekiwa Springs State Park

6. Check out a museum.

Art, natural history, local history, hands-on science, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not—Orlando has it all, and rarely are these museums boring. Quite a few are even in walking distance!

7. Celebrate with friends.

Partying on Fox Day is a great way to spend time with friends when you’ve been busy all semester. Spend a night out on the town, play ball on Mills lawn, have a board game and Netflix day in your room, walk by the lake and swim in the pool—do whatever "party" means to you, and do it with your favorite people!

8. Or, have a day to yourself.

Fox Day is a day of relaxation and fun, no matter how you choose to spend it! Sleep late, order Doorstep Delivery, catch up on your favorite shows or books and throw your homework out the window (so long as it’s not raining—you’ll need it back the next day, but we'll forgot about that for right now).

9. Get artsy.

Paint a mug at All Fired Up on Fairbanks, tie-dye a shirt, find a local painting class, or sketch by the lake. Be creative with how you get creative!

10. Enjoy what Rollins has to offer.

You may have some “Fox Days” of your own making throughout your life, but you only have four years to really live for the fun of receiving a donut with the president, enjoying face paint and henna tattoos by the pool, racing your friends on inflatable waterslides and rock climbing walls, relishing free food and games on the lawn, and coming together for one big picnic when the day is at an end.

Make the most of it (and don’t forget to get a picture of yourself with the fox!)

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