10 Ways To Cope With The 2016 Presidential Election Results
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10 Ways To Cope With The 2016 Presidential Election Results

Make yourself sane again.

10 Ways To Cope With The 2016 Presidential Election Results

The U.S. presidential election resulted in an outcome that most people unexpected and did not want (Clinton won the popular vote, after all). Due to President-elect Donald Trump’s scathing rhetoric against women, immigrants, racial minorities, the disabled, and more, many Americans feel unsafe, insecure, and saddened by the election results. The past week following election day was filled with shoulders to cry on, hugs from strangers, and words of encouragement; however, if these resources were/are not available to you, here are ten ways you can cope with the election results:

1. Netflix

Sometimes the best way to deal with stress and anxiety is by watching 1 or 7 episodes on Netflix. I would recommend comedies– Friends, New Girl, Parks and Recreation (Knope 2020)– to lift your spirits.

2. Puppies

Nothing is better than a wagging tail and a wet nose when dealing with grief. If a dog is not available to you at the moment, puppy videos on Youtube should do the trick.

3. Chocolate Milk

I think some scientist somewhere proved that chocolate releases some chemical that makes you happy, but either way, the taste of chocolate milk alone should be enough to temporarily elevate your mood.

4. Exercise

Go for a run or hit the gym to clear your mind. “Exercising gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” -Elle Woods

5. Consumerism

Retail therapy is real, people.

6. Music

Never underestimate the power of music to change your mood. Just be sure to listen to peppy, upbeat songs to change your mood for the better; avoid slow, sad songs at all costs.

7. Hot showers

The water will not only keep you warm in these cold, November days, but will also wash away the tears.

8. Dance parties

Combine #4 and #6 to expedite the healing process.

9. Coloring

Pick up one of those stress-relieving coloring books to distract yourself from what the next four years could look like. Make art, not war.

10. Sleep

If you are able, sleep. Sleep is the best way to clear your mind, distract yourself from reality, and improve your mental and physical health.

These methods are by no means ways to accept Donald Trump as the next president, but rather strategies to cope with the threatening result of the 2016 election. Think happy thoughts.

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