10 Ways To Avoid An Unwanted New Year's Kiss

The New Year's Eve kiss, ahhhh what a romantic cliche. That special smackeroo is a great way to ring in the new year, but who you're going to share it with is a mystery that can make both your hands and pits sweat.

When the right someone is there at the end of the countdown it's like the perfect "When Harry Met Sally" moment.

Buuuutttt, if he's super awkward, or she still has braces, you may consider sacrificing the kiss no matter how important the tradition may be to you.

So, if you find yourself in the situation when you need to skirt away from an unwanted New Year's kiss, try one of these ten foolproof methods...

1. Scare her away by playing her the loudest rendition of Bruno Mars's "Just the Way you Are" on those obnoxious noisemakers.

It's a way of scaring her away while making her feel beautiful at the same time.

2. Feed him that queso dip you brought to the party.

Dip your finger into the bowl, tell him to open up, and then miss his mouth. Any place on his face will work, but best results are shown when you pretend to trip and go for the ear.

3. Tell her that her hair reminds you of your dog.

Ask her if she goes to the same groomer you bring your beloved Mr. Pookie to.

4. Tell her that her sparkly dress reminds you of the disco ball hanging above your bed.

It spins to the song "Funky-town" when you flip on your light switch.

5. Make a quick garlic spinach dip Chapstick.

Nothing says "stay away" more than lips lathered with the world's worst smelling spices.

6. When the countdown inches closer and closer to "one", start barking like a rabid dog.

Get louder and louder, and maybe throw a growl in there. He'll be so distracted, he probably won't think about kissing you anymore now that you've gone all Teen Wolf on him.

7. When asked about your last New Year's kiss, tell her it was your sister.

It's a family tradition, but this year she's away backpacking in Europe.

8. Crawl to the snack table.

You've tried all night to avoid him, but he's a stage five clinger. At this point have fun with it. Make him think you're interested and then when the countdown reaches "one," drop down to your knees and make a quick get-a-way through the crowd to underneath the snack table. After all, if your New Year isn't going to start off with a kiss, a fist full of Chex Mix is your next best option.

9. Faint.

World's simplest situation avoider.

10. And if all else fails, kiss him and just imagine he's Zac Efron, or kiss her and imagine she's Scarlet Johansson.

Happy New Year ya lip locking fools!

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