10 Ways To Know You're Ready For Spring Break

10 Ways To Know You're Ready For Spring Break

May the force be with us in this upcoming week and we survive to make it to Spring Break without taking any L's.


Spring Break is days away. For those of you like me, I have been waiting since the end of Winter Break. I dream of getting on the plane and flying back home so I can do two things: lay around and watch Netflix, most importantly without distractions. I'm already in the Spring Break spirit and don't plan on doing anything else rather than preparing for Spring Break. If you're Spring Break is coming up, you can understand these struggles.

1. Homework is not a thing anymore

If you have homework, let's be honest: you don't want to do it. Usually, I don't enjoy doing my homework but for some reason the urge to resist homework heightens during this time. I definitely know I need to be doing my homework, but it just becomes so much more tedious. Can I just go back home and cuddle up in my bed already?

2. Start shopping for swimsuits

Even if you are going home to lay in bed for seven days (this will be me) for someone reason shopping for swimsuits starts around this time. It seems almost like a right of passage to do so doesn't it?

3. Getting the island vibes into full effects

Spring Break means getting away, maybe traveling to a tropical island, or at least some place with much warmer weather than where you are now. In order to fully get into the Spring Break spirit you have to have all of the vibes including the music. As soon as the calendar shows Spring Break being less than 10 days away, I immediately start blasting Machel Montano to get me in the mood.

4. Start packing a week in advance

Packing a week in advance always ends up happening to me. Even if I know I will probably change half of the outfits in my suitcase, it's always good to know you're prepared (plus packing can also distract you from doing homework) Packing gets me even more excited to leave than anything else.

5. Thinking about one thing only: warmer weather

The weather this winter has been extremely tricky. It goes from summer to winter, to spring weather, and back to winter again. Warmer weather is the only thing I want to be in. Whether it be a tropical island or taking a trip out west to the sunny state of California, I need a constant temperature of 70 and above just for a week.

6. Making sure that you are somewhat Spring Break body ready

This means going to the gym and somewhat attempting to make sure you are eating healthy so you can pig out while on vacation and don't feel horrible about it. It's time to hit the gym and try to get that six pack in tact.

7. Brain has turned on another switch: Vacation mode

I am already in vacation mode, which is sad but true. My mind has already shut itself off and the only thing I'm thinking of is going back home, jumping in my bed and going straight to sleep.

8. Searching for shows binge watch

Netflix will forever be my favorite form of entertainment. I can re-watch my favorite classic movies and my favorite shows. I am always watching new shows to watch. Spring Break is the perfect time for everyone to find their shows and binge watch them over the week. I know I will at least be watching 3 shows in full.

9.You're ready to get away from anyone and anything that reminds you of school

At this point, school is the last thing on my mind. Spring Break honestly could not get here fast enough. I simply want to take a day and just escape from everything and everyone that has been bothering me. If we're being completely honest, there's only so much school a person can take... I think we all just need a break.

10. When you have a ton of things to do before Friday but they won't get done until Thursday night

I definitely have a lot of things to do before leaving for vacation, but procrastination has been a major key for me. I need to pack and make sure my homework is turned it, but knowing me it probably won't get done until Thursday night.

May the force be with us in this upcoming week and we survive to make it to Spring Break without taking any L's.

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