10 Ways To Stay Healthy During Flu Season In College
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10 Ways To Stay Healthy During Flu Season In College

Let's steer clear of illness this winter season.

10 Ways To Stay Healthy During Flu Season In College
Kelly Sikkema

Everyone hates being sick. There is nothing worse than As the flu slowly manages its way throughout the dorms here on Santa Clara University's campus, I figured I'd address some key ways to avoid illness while living in college.

1. Wash your hands

This is and always will be the easiest way to avoid any sickness. Germs travel primarily when someone healthy touches something previously touched by someone sick, so remember to scrub for 20 seconds with soap and warm water often!

2. Drink lots of water/fluids

In our busy schedules, its easy for us to forget about water. By staying hydrated, we keep our bodies at a peak and prepared against diseases that dehydrate our bodies.

3. Carry sanitizer with you

If you don't have time to make a whole trip over to the bathroom to wash your hands (which, in college, sometimes you really don't have the time for it), carrying hand sanitizer is a great alternative. Plus, you can find them in yummy scents and colors!

4. Take showers often

Showers are the best. By washing your body off after a day of exposure to the germs around you, you limit your chances of contracting any illnesses, plus your body has a chance to relax and rest.

5. Avoid sharing drinks

When you share a bottle or cup with someone, you pass around germs, in turn potentially exposing yourself to any illnesses the other person has. Instead, just have your own cup.

6. Don't rub your eyes or nose

With exhaustion in college, it's easy to rub your eyes - big no no. Open places on your body are more susceptible as access ports for sickness, so try avoiding eating with your hands, rubbing your nose, and rubbing your eyes during flu season.

7. Get lots of sleep

Sleep helps your body fight any onset infections you might be experiencing, so hit the hay more often, and for longer periods of time while sick!

8. Prepare a basic pill set just in case

Having a set of basic tablets, such as ibuprofen, vitamin C, pepto bismol, benadryl, and zyrtec is important in case you begin to feel any symptoms of illness, or if your roommate is feeling icky.

9. Take multivitamins

Multivitamins and minerals are perfect for prevention of illness. The best are in gummy form!! Vitamins B, C, and D, along with fish oil, magnesium, and iron supplements are all preventive and natural measures.

10. Dress properly for the weather

As much as we'd like to wear some cute outfit in chillier temperature, it's much more important to dress up for cold weather. Our immune systems weaken if we expose ourselves in the cold, so bundle up and add a scarf to your look!

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