10 Ways To Help The Planet Even If The United States Isn't Following The Paris Agreement

On June 1, 2017, many individuals were left extremely disappointed by President Donald Trump's decision to back out of the Paris Agreement. For those of you who don't know, the Paris Agreement was created to deal with the impact of climate change. The non-binding agreement was signed by more than 190 countries. The United States is now one of three countries that aren't participating, alongside Syria and Nicaragua. As American citizens, we unfortunately don't have a say in Trump's decisions made involving the future of our environment. However, as individuals we do have the power to make conscious decisions towards the fight against climate change. Instead of harping over social media about how upsetting Trump's decision to opt out of the agreement was, we must actively work toward a brighter future. Although they might be extremely obvious, these easy, everyday decisions are crucial to doing our part for the betterment of our environment.

1. Eat less meat

The resources used to produce meat directly impacts the environment. Choosing to avoid meat for just a few meals out of the week is a simple way to help, especially when 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are from meat and dairy production.

2. Fix your lights

A big misconception is that simply turning off the lights in a room when you leave is the only way to help the environment. Switch to compact fluorescent or LED lights instead.

3. Hang-dry your clothes

Clothes shrink in the dryer anyway. Hanging your clothes to dry is an easy way to conserve energy.

4. Re-think the way you travel

Not only are plane tickets expensive, they're a big contributor to climate pollution. Avoid wasting as much fuel by choosing to take a bus or a train.

5. Recycle

It's the most obvious way to help the environment. If your apartment complex doesn't recycle, see if they will start if enough people ask!

6. Use energy efficient appliances

A huge misconception is that these appliances are extremely expensive, but really they will lower your electric bill.

7. Eat naturally

Eating organically and naturally is now the new craze and it's a good thing that everyone is doing it. The factories used to produce processed food require a lot of energy.

8. Use a towel instead of a paper towel

This sounds so simple, but it is such an easy way to avoid the waste of paper towels.

9. Drive less

It's an easy way to avoid wasting energy. Carpool, walk or ride a bike. Gas for your car is expensive anyway.

10. Get a programmable thermostat

Another misconception is that it will be expensive to get one installed. It saves energy, therefore it saves you money.

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