I've been an avid writer for years now.

Well, obviously, why would I have this job if I wasn’t?

Writing is my way of releasing anxiety, focusing on my work, and how I translate my creativity into the real world.

With loving to write comes the terrible plague that we all despise: Writers. Block.

It's also the reason it is my topic for this article *nervous laughter*.

So with that in mind, here are ten ways to beat Writer’s Block.

1) Just walk away. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to just get up and take a breather. A small mental break can help your mind see where you were coming from and how you're going to move forward from there.

2) Find a Playlist. Listening to music is the best way to get the creative juices flowing. If you’re into classical music, turn it on low while doing something else and it should prevent blocks from happening later (from my experience at least). If not, find an awesome Alt-playlist on Spotify like Chill Vibes or Alternative Beats. The lyricism that goes into Alt tracks can inspire a theme for your writing without you even noticing.

3) Color. I highly suggest you invest in the coloring book phenomena. It really does work. Mandala patters or books with heavy detailing can focus your mind, and when you’re done with your masterpiece, you’ll have the clarity to continue writing.

4) Do some Hatha yoga. I recommend Hatha styles because they usually have a heavy reliance on breathing and meditation infused with the focus needed to complete the poses. Blocking out what you're so desperately trying to complete should eventually cancel out your current block and help you write with more mental clarity that before (plus it healthy for your body).

5) Try a writing game. Games like wreck this journal or black out poetry can help get your mind to continue to think creatively while also making you see things in a different perspective. Exercising different areas of your creative mind can help you relax, and a new perspective can help you think of that unexpected turning point you so desperately need.

6) Go for a walk. Yes, go for a walk. And leave your tablet/notebook at home. Take the time to really disconnect from your project and let your mind wander. Sometimes you can find exactly what you need when you give your mind the time to explore ideas you would usually push away.

7) Hang out with writer friends. Voicing your block to your fellow peers can help you push past the obsession and look for a solution. Talking over your idea can also help you see if the block is coming from a lack of structure or explanation further back in your story.

8) Read. Pick up a new book, or reread your favorite. Seeing how someone who does this for a living is able to flow from one idea to another can help you realize how to do the same. Plus, reading is great, and you should be doing it anyways.

9) Practice word vomit. Seriously, this works. Open a separate document or turn to a new page, and just write for 10 minutes. Don’t think about if it makes sense with the timeline you have or if it is even about your piece. Just don’t stop writing! When you’re done, read it over. You’d be surprised how many great ideas you can use!

10) Don’t quit. Even if it’s taking you a while to get over your block, don’t give up! Keep working at it and eventually you’ll get past it. Don’t let it take your creativity away.