10 Ways Adopting a Dog Will Change Your Life
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10 Ways Adopting a Dog Will Change Your Life

It will be a whole new world for you when you become a dog parent.

10 Ways Adopting a Dog Will Change Your Life


It will be a whole new world for you when you become a dog parent. It's also one of the most rewarding experiences to take in a pup who's looking for a forever home. You'll change the way you live, see the world, and interact with other people because of it.

The following ten ways will make a big difference in the lives of both you and your dog if you adopt a dog in need.

#1. Dog's Schedule Is Your New Schedule

If you've never been woken up by a cold nose and paws doing the "I have to pee" dance at the crack of dawn, prepare yourself.

Suddenly, your schedule revolves around your dog. You've got to think about when they have to go potty, when they're hungry, when they're sleeping, and when they're exercising.

You'll even consider your dog's needs when you plan trips and vacations. If you change your routine suddenly, you might see a drastic change in their mood and behavior.

#2. You'll Learn How To Be A Good Dog Parent

You're the best dog parent in the world for your dog. To be that, you'll have to work hard.

It'll take you hours to read articles, buy the healthiest food, try out the coolest toys, visit the vet regularly, and make sure they have enough exercise. Groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, and anyone who's going to be around your pet will probably get a lot of online reviews.

#3. The Smile On Your Face

When you see him for the first time, you smile. It might not be an ear-to-ear smile. Maybe it's just one of those "aww look at that face" smiles. Kind of a happy frown smile with lip trembling. But as the puppy grows into a full-grown dog or your rescue buddy becomes a member of your family, you find yourself laughing more and more. Whenever he does something cute, you smile. It's fun to watch her go potty outside. Smile when they walk over and curl up in your lap when they're tired. You learn to smile even after he destroys your favorite shoe (after a few minutes).

#4. The New Fashion Accessory is Dog Hair

The dog hair will be on everything that you touch. Definitely!

Fur will probably cover your clothes every time you leave the house. From now on, lint rollers will probably be your best friend, but it's a losing battle.

If you're going to wear dog hair as a fashion statement, you might as well accept it. You'll look really cool then.

#5. The Dog Sleeps In The Bed With You

You've got to try avoiding this. It's true. Sooner or later, it'll happen. I'm sure you'll love it. When I don't have a dog curled up above my head, I feel lonely.

#6. Leaving The House Will Be Tough

You're going to have a hard time leaving your house. Everything will have to be dog-proofed.

You can't put items low enough for your dog to grab and chew them. Chances are very high that your dog will destroy them.

It doesn't stop there, because when you leave, you'll be met with sad puppy dog eyes. You'll never be able to leave home again when your dog looks at you and says, "Please don't go."

#7. Playtime With Your Dog

Dogs can get bored just like humans. The situation is even more complicated if you have to work all day, leaving them behind.

Your dog's brain gets stimulated when you play with him. It helps with the mental aspect of boredom. You can build their focus and discipline by throwing a ball and having them fetch it. When adopting a high-energy dog, like a teddy bear dog, it's a must to walk or play with them for at least 30 minutes every day.

#8. Your Dog Will Own Your Social Media

You have the cutest dog in the world, so it would be cruel to keep your social media friends from seeing cute pictures every day. All your posts will be about your dog. Your feed will be updated with the latest posts and galleries. Your friends will call you a crazy dog person, but who cares? Your cute pup needs to be seen by the world.

#9. Finding New Friends Will Be Easy

Walking down the street, minding your own business, and maybe nodding at people passing by is what you're used to. You're a rock star when you have a cute dog with you.

Many people will stop you to inquire about your dog and give them a pet as a result. Your dog is a great conversation starter, and you'll meet lots of new people. Dog parks, dog beaches, and dog events around town are probably where you'll meet other dog lovers.

If you live in an area where social distance is recommended, make sure you do it! When you have a dog by your side, making friends is easy.

#10. It'll Actually Make You Healthier

It's like having your own personal doctor at home. Besides getting more exercise from walks and playing with your dog, having a dog also reduces stress, alleviates depression, lowers blood pressure, and reduces heart attack risk. There's almost a feeling that dogs have magical healing powers that will keep you healthy.

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