10 Unique Gifts He Actually Wants
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10 Unique Gifts He Actually Wants

Because we all know that guys are the hardest to shop for

10 Unique Gifts He Actually Wants
Lauren Rydzewski

Boys can be the hardest to shop for out of everyone on your list. Use these 10 items to get some inspiration from then personalize it to the guy you're buying for!

1. Wallet Insert

This gift is versatile for any guy. You can get one with tools, a beer opener, a quote, or even a photo! This is a great personal yet relatively inexpensive gift for any guy.

2. Knife

A knife is a useful tool to have. You can get it in various sizes and even customize their name on it

3. Keychain

Again, this can be personalized and for any guy on your list while still being on budget!

4. Wallet

And don't forget your wallet insert for inside!

5. T-shirt Quilt

From your collection of his shirts or with a little help from his family, collect some of his old shirts (that he won't notice are missing) and make this special and sentimental blanket.

6. Yeti

Go a step further than getting him just a plain Yeti and spend a few more dollars to get an image and his name on it to make it more special.

7. Personalized Sport Equipment

If he plays/played a sport, get him a personalized piece of equipment for him to display or even use.

8. Car Coasters

These come in many designs and also will help keep his car extra clean.

9. Keyboard Cover

This very affordable gift is only a few dollars and will help his keyboard stay in great shape as well as display a cool design or image.

10. Keychain Tool Set

This gives any guy the ability to have multiple tools right at his fingertips no matter where he is.

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