5 Underrated Smithsonian Museums That You Should Check Out

5 Underrated Smithsonian Museums That You Should Check Out

Avoid the crowds at the Air and Space Museum by going to these hidden gems.

The Smithsonian Institute is known world wide for being an institution made up of renown museums and exhibits mostly located on the capital mall of Washington D.C. As someone has spent most of his life visiting these museums I can attest that are very much deserving of the reputation they have received. On top of the fact that every Smithsonian is free of cost (Yup, you read that right you broke college student: FREE!!) they are a great place to spend your summer days while also educating yourself on variety of topics. The things is there are over 20 Smithsonians each dedicated to a specific topic, however the vast majority of people tend to visit a few of the more well known Museums (i.e. Air and Space Museum). Many people are unaware of the countless other Smithsonian museums that exist and are waiting for you to explore. While museums such as the American History museum and the Renwick Gallery have become essentials of the DC experience, this list of hidden gems are just as exciting and worth your time.

1. National Museum of African Art

This underground wonder is unlike any of the other art museums on the National Mall, it is a collection of exclusively African art from around the entire continent. It is a great place to be exposed to unique and non-Western art as well as being a great resources for learning more about African cultures in general.

2. National Museum of the American Indian

This is a building that is both a piece of art on the outside and the inside, its unique architecture alone makes it one of the most stunning places in the entire city. The museum is also known for its interactive exhibitions, authentic food and of the most creative and unique gift shops you will ever see.

3. Arthur M. Sackler Gallery

This museum is home to Asian art going back centuries. Holding some of the oldest artifacts of any Smithsonian, it is a must see for a true art lover. Its modern pieces are equally captivating and its iconic peacock room is a must see piece of art.

4. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

This museum is the home to some of the most creative, abstract and revolutionary art out there. Every single floor is exciting and different. Your eyes will never be bored at the Hirshhorn.

5. National Portrait Gallery

This is perhaps my personal favorite on the list due to the diversity of its exhibits as well as the beauty of the building itself and its indoor courthouse. Its many paintings, photographs and sculptures are used to tell different stories about the American experience.

Cover Image Credit: Unsilent Majority News

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One if the best things you can do if you’re trying to relax and have a good time is to go on a cruise. This pays off, and it can offer you an incredible, unique experience. The best part about enjoying a cruise is that you can easily go anywhere in the world. Plus, traveling by sea is one of the nicest, coolest ways to enjoy your experience and just immerse yourself in some of the nicest locations in the world. It is an incredible experience and one that you will enjoy again and again!


St Petersburg in particular is one of the nicest and maybe one of the coolest destinations for a cruise. It’s just a lot of fun to explore this location, and you do get to visit some great historical locations too. Plus, if you go there during the summer you can easily cool down and have fun. There are plenty of countryside places to visit too, so that’s definitely quite convenient and helpful. You should totally give it a shot!


A lot of people want to visit Paris in particular. But there are tons of other amazing destinations in France that not a lot of people know about. A good example would be Toulouse or Nice. And then you also have some of the northern cities too, all of which are accessible via a cruise. Of course, you can reach Paris this way too, which is quite amazing in its own right.


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Sydney is one of the best places for cruises. What makes it great is the fact that it has a whole range of unique landmarks, with the Opera being one of them. Aside from that, you can also use it as a way to reach the continental Australia, where you can reach Uluru and other great places too. On top of that, you can enjoy some amazing wildlife here too, and in the end, it’s just an incredible, very interesting and rewarding experience for you to have. You should totally consider a Sydney cruise, as it’s well worth your money.


Reaching Alaska via a cruise is an amazing opportunity and a cool experience. Even if it may not sound like much at first, nothing can rival the beauty of Alaska in all of its glory. Despite being very interesting and distinct, it also comes with its own set of challenges such as very low temperatures. But it’s one of those cruise destinations that you will enjoy a lot, just because it’s astonishing and visually impressive.

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Why would you go to Mexico? Aside from having great food, Mexico is also known for the great vistas and really nice culture. There are plenty of things to do here, not to mention that the capital on its own has a lot of museums that help you relate to the local history. In addition, there are tons of cool activities too.

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Venice is the city of love and passion; it’s amazing and also rather ancient. It manages to stand out due to the way it’s built, and it brings in front some unique vibes. People come here to showcase their love, and they also bring in front some astonishing moments because of that. It’s an incredible opportunity that does pay off immensely, and you should totally consider that.


There are some cities like Barcelona for example that are well worth visiting while in Spain. And then you have Valencia and Madrid that are also a cultural phenomenon too. Aside from seeing some of the nicest locations in the world, Spain also allows you immediate access to most European countries. So this will be a nice way to visit many countries in Europe without a problem.


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4 Things Every Tourist Should Do In Redmond, Washington

Do to do in a city that is rarely talked about outside of Washington

This is a city that isn’t heard of often in traditional media, but it should be heard of considering it’s almost better than Seattle (its neighbor). With that sentence, this city has big shoes to fill. One wouldn’t get bored walking around this beautiful little town. There are beautiful parks, quirky shops, tasty restaurants and comfy hotels. Even those who like to smoke weed, there are dispensaries. Smoking weed is legal in some places in Washington State (smoke or consume safely). Everyone should come to Redmond, Washington at least once because of all of the activities that can be done.

1. See the beautiful parks.

The parks in Redmond are so beautiful and easily found. If you like nature and beautiful views, then you’ll like the parks. I walk for a living, and I still love to walk around in nature. Especially when the weather is nice, it makes for a beautiful and calming walk. I couldn’t leave my hotel without a jacket or something warm, but it was so worth it. The parks are perfect settings for photo shoots, and what not. I was able to take beautiful shots of my traveling group. I was able to see trees that are a rare sight in Florida except at Christmas! There is a mansion in MaryMoor Park that is used for events, and the grounds are beautiful!

2. Go to some of the quirky shops.

Redmond is a "hipstery" town. The shops have everything from normal merchandise and quirky stuff that you can’t find in Florida. Minus the small mall that Redmond has, Bellevue has more of the shopping scene. If you don’t want to drive or take an uber to Bellevue, you can stay in Redmond because of how eclectic it is. There is a Macy’s in the middle of the mall for all the winter stuff needed. If you are a bookie like I am, there is a second-hand bookshop called “Half-Priced Books”. My best friend and I spent a good part of our trip in there. The store is two floors with the clearance section on the second floor. My best friend was able to find Fifty Shades of Grey for 5$ for the series.

3. Visit their tasty restaurants.

I’ve noticed that one becomes a “foodie” when one comes to Redmond, Washington. There are so many restaurants from trendy bars to family style restaurants. Our first night we went to the Tipsy Cow restaurant. They are known for their burgers, and they are fantastic. My little brother had the “Rock-star” burger. That has deep fried bacon, fried egg and regular toppings. If you want something with more veggies, we went to a Puerto Rican restaurant that has amazing Lentil Soup and great drinks. My group ordered meat and they were all amazing. It’s a win-win situation for groups with mixed food preferences. Since weed is more legal then it is in Florida, there is a shop that you can buy weed made into a treat or regular to roll into a blunt. I’m not into that stuff but I’ve noticed how accepting is about that in Redmond. You also taste the freshness of the food, so that is a win.

4. And stay in one of their comfy hotels.

We stayed at the Residence Inn in the middle of Redmond. The hotel is very spacious and doesn’t look different from any Residence Inn. The employees are so nice and are willing to help with any recommendations or problems with the rooms. The maids are so sweet and were so helpful! The beds were comfortable, and the bedding was changed every day. we believe in cooking since we had a kitchenette. The maids were so patient with our cooking style that it made our stay even better.

This is just a few things that I touched on. There are is a lot more things to do in Redmond. This town isn't mentioned a lot in traditional media. Redmond is part of the list of small towns surrounding the city of Seattle and is by far the prettiest as it comes to nature. All of the towns have their character and charm, but my favorite of the cities I visited is Redmond. Everyone should try and visit this cute town, while they are in Seattle.

Cover Image Credit: Elizabeth Riik

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