10 Types Of People You Find On Instagram

Instagram really is a social media platform unlike any other. The fact that it is based only off of photographs really allows you to enter into the lives of your followers and understand them a little bit better. That said, there's definitely certain categories of people that can be found on the news feed of anyone's Instagram account. These personalities never disappoint, so they deserve some fair recognition. It's time these people found their spotlight, so here are the 10 types of people you find on Instagram.

1. The person who tries really hard.

This is that person who has a set "Instagram aesthetic," who will do whatever it gets to take the perfect Instagram picture, and who goes through their account at least once a week and deletes old pictures they no longer think add to their "Instagram vibe." They may try to make it look easy, but everyone sees through it. After all, what kind of person just happens to only take pictures in black and white?

2. The selfie queen.

Whenever you see that this person has posted, you can be sure it's a selfie. Sometimes you wonder if they even know that their phone has a back facing camera. But, hey, nobody ever said #selfieSunday can't be every day.

3. The "momstagram".

This is also known as the "mom Instagram ." This is the account of the mom who tries to be hip by making an Instagram and follows her kids, her kids' friends, and her fellow Instagramming moms. She likes and comments on all her kids' posts and even posts a few of her own pictures on occasion. Who ever said moms couldn't be cool?

4. The person who pays for likes.

This is the person who uses one of those "get likes on instagram" apps that makes spam accounts generate more likes on their photos. But while getting 500 or more likes on every picture looks impressive, it's pretty obvious where they come from when every liker has an account name like "free_sportsequipment_2day!!"

5. The local celebrity.

Not to be confused with the prior, this person too somehow generates 500 or more likes on every picture but they are all from real people. Just how they became "Instagram famous" will always be a mystery, but it's definitely a feat they are proud of.

6.The editor.

This person uses a minimum of 4 different editing apps on every Instagram post. They will never be seen posting a picture where someone's teeth aren't whitened or blemishes aren't removed, and they layer several different instagram filters on each post to get the right effect.

7. The inactive instagrammer.

This person Instagrams once or twice every year. These quiet souls usually post good pictures, so it's just a shame that they can't do it more often.

8. The person who only posts pictures of food.

Everyone loves a good picture of "foodporn," but this person takes it to the extreme. You doubt that there's a meal they have eaten that you haven't seen. While it's nice to see a picture of some good looking food, sometimes you wish that you could go on Instagram just once without feeling hungry after.

9. The one with a "finsta."

Also called a "friends Instagram," this is a private account that a user only lets their closest friends follow so that they can post ridiculous photos and captions. They're usually extremely funny, but you now know way more about your friends' lives than you ever should

10. The artist.

Forget pictures of friends or food, this person treats their Instagram as a way to show their actual photography. They never post pictures taken on anything other than their high-resolution cameras, and the quality definitely shows in their photographs. These people leave you wishing you knew how to work photo technology beyond that which is installed on an iPhone 6s.

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