10 Types Of College Students
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Student Life

10 Types Of College Students

Maybe you're one of them, maybe you're all of them.

10 Types Of College Students

As we all go through the journey that is college, we learn things about ourselves, find ourselves, recreate ourselves or even lose ourselves. It's pretty common. There are so many types of college kids out there. Maybe one of these fits you to a T, maybe you're a blend of them.

1. The slacker.

This kind of person doesn't do their work. Paper due tomorrow? Maybe I'll write it in two weeks. Test coming up? What is studying? Getting up for your 8 a.m.? Less likely than a Woolly Mammoth sighting. This person is definition of the word slacker, and everyone knows it.

2. The overachiever

This person is the foil character to the slacker. They do all their assignments the day they are assigned, sometimes sooner if they pay attention to their syllabus. They go above and beyond not only in the classroom but in everything they do.

3. The heavy-partier

This college student would rather hit the bars on a Monday night and be day drunk on Wednesday then hit the library for work. They can sometimes be seen with suspicious red solo cups at anytime of the day and quite possibly are seen intoxicated more than sober.

4. The over-involved

This person is rarely seen in their room. They're lucky if they get six hours of sleep every night between their double major, Habitat for Humanities meetings and builds, seat on the student council, lead in the drama club and an active member in Greek life. They're crazier than the Tasmanian devil and is known to make people dizzy with how active they are.

5. The under-involved

This person doesn't really do anything other than school work or friends. They aren't member of any clubs, they aren't a part of Greek life, they basically survive on Netflix with their roommates and occasionally a party or two.

6. The athlete

Whether you're a Division I athlete where your whole live involves your team or you're a washed up athlete who still tries to train as if they are playing. Working out and your sport are your life and you won't be ready to give that up anytime soon.

7. The girl who's too "srat"

They've found your niche in Greek life. And it has literally become their life. Who do they study with? Sisters. Who do they eat with? Sisters. Who do they pregame a party with? Sisters. Hey, at least, they embrace it.

8. The kid who's still stuck in high school

Sure, high school is great, but this person is constantly reminiscing about their high school days. They can be found going through their yearbook at least once a week if not once a day, Facetime their friends from home for hours every week, and just can't seem to let go of how much fun they had in high school and how much they wish they could go back.

9. The kid who really wants to have the having the "college experience"

This is just the nicer way of saying the one who's obsessed with "getting laid." It could be a f*ckboy, it could be your local flousy, but either way, they love attention from the opposite gender (or maybe their own depending on preference). They know that college is the time to "let their freak fly" and they don't care what people think.

10. Well-balanced student

This is a rare breed to find now-a-days. They can be found Monday through Thursday (typically) in the library, attends various club meetings at night, is always punctual at chapter meetings on Sunday and can always be found being the life of the party on Fridays and Saturdays (with the occasional Thursday thrown in there). They've somehow learned the golden rule of balancing their life and priorities and no one understands how they did it.

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