Being a bulldog mom was something I was definitely not prepared for.

When you bring a bulldog into your family you are accepting a series of challenges and committing to losing nearly 1/3 of your bed and hours of cuddle time.

Being a bulldog parent is a responsibility only other bulldog mommies and daddies can truly appreciate:

1. Summer Is NOT a Friendly Time Of The Year

While everyone else is out taking adorable pictures on the boat and enjoying mid-afternoon lunch walks, we're inside trying to save our paws from the heat and our wrinkles from sunburn trying to manage our summer weight anyway we can.

2. Wrinkles. Wrinkles Everywhere.

I never knew I could love doggie wipes so much. Pretty sure my bulldog baby has a more extensive beauty routine than I do these days.


Playtime, bedtime, naptime, pretty much anytime: this is the ultimate go-to position.

4. The Tongue

The poor thing always has the driest tongue because it's never fully inside his mouth....

5. A Sleep Schedule of About 20 Hours

"For every 10 minutes we play we require a 3-hour nap, mom."

6. The Snuggles

"Oh there's only about 6 inches between you and the couch? Don't worry, I can make it work. (Sorry your leg is asleep because you can't lift me up, I'm in a deep slumber Dad)"

7. Training Doesn't Exist

Sit? Lay? Stay? These are somehow beyond their skillset somehow skateboarding and high-fives are a no-brainer. I swear they pick and choose the fun stuff.

8. Dog Food Has Its Own Budget

Although they will, and want to eat just about everything, we want to give them the best, and food fit for our babies costs an arm and a leg. Not to mention those underbites that lead you to owning five different slow feeding bowls...

9. Not Being Able To Go Out In Public Without Getting Stopped 142,214 Times

There's no question as to why, but EVERYONE will need to stop you to say hi to your baby, and they're so social they bask in the attention. Romantic evening at the beach with just you and your pup? Forget it.

10. Having The Best Friend You Could Ever Ask For

Bulldogs have the biggest personality and demand a lot of attention. However, you will become obsessed and feel a bond like you have never felt before, you will undoubtedly fall in love.