10 Tips On Using Misogyny To Your Advantage

Apparently, misogyny and sexism are here to stay for at least another decade - the fight for equality is a long and hard one. But there are some positives to this terrible mistreatment! Here are some tips to make the best of the society we live in.

1. Some things are just a man's job.

Try telling a man "This seems like a man's job, could you show me how/ help me to do this?" and watch them take over the task in seconds flat. You'll never be caught dead doing a man's job again!

2. Use girl talk to get some privacy.

Guys don't want to hear about clothes and makeup. If that guy won't leave you alone, try using girl talk to make it uncomfortable for him. If this doesn't work try mentioning literally anything about menstruation. Hello, privacy!

3. Free drinks.

Do I need to say more?

4. Women are weak.

Have to lift something heavy or are feeling tired from carrying a bag? Remind the nearest man of how weak you are based on the simple fact that you are a woman and watch the man turn into a superhero saving the damsel in distress.

5. They need to have an equal number of men and women in programs.

Go get into programs you shouldn't be in just because you have a vagina. They need to report a balanced ratio, and here you are, so take advantage of them!

6. Lady problems.

Don't want to do something? The only excuse you need is your "lady problems" and you can do (or not do) whatever you want. What man wants to deal with that? They will just stop asking questions and leave you to your business.

7. I'm a bitch.

Once you're labeled as a bitch you'll never go back. If they're going to call you a bitch for every choice you make in life why not just do what you want. Don't be forced to be ladylike and kind. Live your life. Never back down.

8. You're a sex object.

Men will do anything in the hopes of getting laid. Play the game as long as you can. Get free meals, get your male coworkers to do your job for you, get male students to do your homework for you. This one holds endless possibilities so don't take it for granted. You're just a piece of meat to them so why aren't you letting them pay for you? Be the most expensive steak you can be but don't feel obligated to let them eat you.

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