10 Tips On Surviving Finals Week

Urban Dictionary defines finals week as:

The worst week of a college or high school students life. Finals week involves pulling an all nighter to reverse the months of slacking that have killed their grades. Finals week involves a lot of stress and very little sleep, the college student will be on edge the entire time.

Urban Dictionary;s description of finals week is very accurate. However in order to avoid being on edge, all the stress and sleepless night, here are some tips on ways to survive.

1. Don't cram.

Cramming doesn't do anything but stress you out more. It doesn't benefit you either. You really don't learn or memorize much by cramming.

2. Space out your studying.

If you have a final in all your classes, space out your studying. Try not to mix your classes together. Study one class and once you finish that one class, start studying for your other class. Organize your material so you know exactly what to study too.

3. Take breaks.

Take a break every so often. Studying for hours and hours straight isn't good for you. Give your brain a break and go for a walk or maybe even the gym.

4. Put your phone away while studying.

Let's be honest- if you have your phone out, you aren't really studying. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can wait until you take your break.

5. Chocolate.

Chocolate or comfort food will also help you survive. I mean, do calories really count during finals week anyway?

6. Jesus.

Again, let's be honest- we need Jesus everyday, regardless if we are a college student or not, but during finals week we need Him a lot more.

7. Coffee.

It's like liquid gold and even if you don't drink coffee, you might do it during finals week, especially when you are tired of studying and feel like you need a nap.

8. Get a good night sleep the night before.

A good night's sleep is crucial during finals week. Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep the night before your test.

9. Eat a good breakfast the day of your final.

You should try to eat a nutritious breakfast everyday, but let's be honest- it doesn't always happen. However, during finals week, eating a nutritious can be very beneficial.

10. Encouraging words.

Encouraging words are nice any time, but during finals week they are great. Hearing someone tell you "You can do it!" or "I believe in you!" is something that every college student needs to hear during finals week. I encourage you to encourage someone during finals week.

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