10 Tips For All The Girls Rushing This Semester

10 Tips For All The Girls Rushing This Semester

Good luck to all the girls going through spring recruitment!

Rushing for a sorority is a new and exciting time. It can seem overwhelming at times as well. To combat the copious amount of feelings that will occur, here are 10 tips for anyone going through rush this semester!

1. Get excited

This is a unique time in your life that you will absolutely reflect on in years to come. Rush is an amazing opportunity to find a group of girls that share your values, morals and everything in between. Allow yourself to absorb these next couple of weeks and to delve into the possibility of joining a sisterhood!

2. Carry gum

Everyone loves a girl who is minty fresh!

3. Be yourself

The last thing anyone wants is for a girl to put on a façade and to shield who they are. This is an experience that requires every girl to be their authentic self. It’s for your own good.

4. Get some sleep

Sleeping will definitely be a challenge at some points over the next couple weeks. Your adrenaline will be at an all-time high but, do try and sleep well each night. Sleep heals the mind, body, and soul.

5. Don’t allow anyone to influence you

Friends, acquaintances and the occasional wanderer will be itching to discuss which houses were their favorites, their experiences, and their general opinions. DO NOT listen to them. Not only will their comments subliminally affect your opinion, but, it will hinder the premise that this experience is supposed to be a personal endeavor that you, and only you, should have an opinion in.

6. Bring comfortable shoes

If you have to run across campus to make your Rush Party I will bet a limb it won’t be done in heels. Bring some comfy UGG slippers to change into and run like the wind!

7. Have fun

Rush gives you the opportunity to meet a variety of girls. Enjoy making connections and learning about your fellow students. Have fun with it. Who knows who you will meet!

8. Bring a book or homework

On your times off you will need to be productive to keep up with school and such. Bring some study materials or a good book.

9. Follow your heart

This process will demand introspection as well as a trust in your gut. Your instincts never fail, have faith and I promise, you will make the right decision.

10. Don’t forget to keep smile

Everyone loves a good smile and hours into Rush a smile might make this experience a lot less draining.

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