10 Tips For Anxiety That Changed My Life
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10 Tips For Anxiety That Changed My Life

Because it's all okay and should be normalized to dealt with! Includes coping mechanisms as well!

10 Tips For Anxiety That Changed My Life

It is safe enough to say that most of us have been affected and even saw some sort of change, or mental/emotion breakdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that is the phenomenon of life, change! But the question is how do we know how well we are doing, or how do we know we are finding ourselves again? These 20 tips not only calm down an anxiety session but also can be signs that you're healing, slowly but steadily.

1. A Splash Of Cold Water.

Splash some cold water onto your face, water has been shown to have natural calming properties. Sometimes, even hearing and seeing the soothing sounds of moving water triggers a response to our brains that induces a flow of neurochemicals. These chemicals increase blood flow to the brain and heart, which induces relaxation.

2. Invest In A Planner.

Whether this is digital, a calendar, a post it note, or a planner; planning out your week before it begins and noting down important dates for each class can help those midnight thoughts of college assignments and exams from creeping up. Investing in a planner is an investment of your time!

3. Go Outdoors More.

Mask up and head out the door! Whether this is a stroll around the block, a trip to the grocery store, for a coffee drink, or simply just facing an opened window to let the fresh, crisp air calm down those hot and sweaty hands and tensed up face. Let the winds of Mother Nature hug you and release all that negative energy out of your safe place, home!

4. Find Creative Outlets And Pursue These During Your Spare Time.

Whether this is a workout, a sport, jewelry making, painting your nails, rearranging your room, writing, drawing, ANYTHING creative; give yourself small breaks here and there and let your passions grow.

5. Create Your Own Safe Haven.

Whether it's your bedroom, your comfy couch in the living room, or your bed, make sure this place has exactly what you need. This is where your mind and body recharge and reset, it is your safe haven and should be made comfortable and peaceful. Although, some of us may not have our own bedroom, we all certainly do have a favorite spot or corner in our homes, make sure that is always tidied up and organized!

6. Make A Calming Music Playlist.

When you play music while doing a workout, cleaning the house, or even studying and doing homework assignments for college, you are using music therapeutically to finish these tasks up . Order your list to help you reach an intended mood; do you want to cry, laugh, smile, feel anger? Make sure the dynamics of these songs bring those emotions!

7. Cut Those Toxic People Out Of Your Life.

Whether these are friends, acquaintances, family members, etc, don't allow that negative energy to drain you. A good crowd of people will always allow you to be you; be extraordinary to attract extraordinary people!

8. Take Deep Breaths

Although, this may be obvious, while in an anxiety attack, we often forget to just pause and breathe. Counting 10 breaths while inhaling and exhaling slowly can help calm down our minds.

9. Learn What Triggers Your Anxiety.

This is very essential to knowing what you and others around you can do to calm down those midlife crises aka anxiety attacks. Is it school, work, family, friends, a relationship, or something else that can be identifiable? Write these down in a journal to draw a pattern.

10. Last But Not Least, ASK FOR HELP!

Sometimes, one may find it awkward or unimportant to ask for help, but there is always someone that will be in your life, who is willing to listen to you. Tell friends and family you're feeling overwhelmed and maybe you can even plan further outings to destress together!

There is no problem that doesn't present a solution, be innovative and while calming down those anxiety attacks and anxious emotions from occuring, you build lifestyle habits that allow you to be the best version of you! Smile because it can just be a bad day, but not a bad life!

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