10 Tips for An Effective Study Day
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Student Life

10 Tips for An Effective Study Day

The right type of motivation and tools can make you have a successful and effective study day!

10 Tips for An Effective Study Day
Maritza Romero

10 Tips for An Effective Study Day

Studying isn’t exactly pleasant, and a day spent on studying sounds even less appealing. However, the right type of motivation and tools can lead to a successful and effective study day where you can feel satisfied at what was accomplished at the end of it. Here are a couple of tips to help you out!

1. Get in the state of mind. That means that when you wake up don’t procrastinate enough that by the time you’re “ready to start” it’s already 3:00 pm. Be assertive with yourself and stick to your promise to dedicate time to study.

2. Get rid of all types of distractions. I tend to have some self-control with my phone but if you’re ever too tempted to use it it’s better to just put it on airplane mode and put it away until you have a break.

3. Plan it out! Write down everything that needs to be done that day. Printables, such as these, plan out every hour, which if you’re like me, can help you visually manage your time wisely.

4. Break time, or it’s break time. Give yourself small breaks in-between or you’re going to end up getting burnt out. Also you might just be passively reviewing instead of actively learning, so just remember that a small break can be rewarding.

5. Try to listen to music with no words in it. The reality is, we aren’t that good at multitasking as we might believe ourselves to be, and we will find ourselves getting distracted by the lyrics and not paying attention to what is in front of us. I find that soundtracks and piano covers of my favorite songs are an equally effective music background alternative to classical music if that that isn’t your cup of tea.

6. Find your study area. Everyone's study space is different based on their needs. A well-lit room and some level of quietness will work just fine for most though. As for me, sometimes the motivation of being in public provides a healthy pressure to be productive. It really depends on you!

7. Create your study area. Take with you the essentials you will be needing, and only the essentials! Also take snacks if you’re not planning to study at home.

8. Drink lots of water. Brain function depends on the level of water you drink, so sufficient intake of the fluid will keep you properly energized for your study day.

9. Prioritize. Start with the biggest and most impending task and work your way down your list.

10. Don’t be discouraged. It’s very easy to be intimidated by the amount of work you need to get done in a week or sometimes a weekend. If you didn’t finish everything on your list, it’s okay! We learn from it, maybe you didn’t make your to-do list realistic enough.

Remember, you’re not superhuman. As I saw in a quote before, “Studying is tough, but you’re tougher.” You got this!

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