10 Tiny Tattoos For A Minimalist

Tattoos vary from person to person and everyone has their own style and uniqueness about their tattoos.

With that being said, some people want tattoos and may not want to go for larger scale ones but settling for the trend of a tiny tattoo could be just as aesthetically pleasing and hardly even considered settling. Here are 10 tiny tattoos that will make you want to call up a shop and make an appointment today!

1. Wave Tattoo.

The wave is a classic symbol that reminds people of the ocean, it can be their zodiac element or some even take it a step further and get it on their pinky to remind themselves to conquer the big waves in life.

2. Tree

For anyone who is in touch with nature and loves the outdoors, this one is perfect for you. It showcases the beauty and simplicity of the outdoors while still being elegant.

3. Elephant

Elephants are known to symbolize power and strength while also encompassing a calm and peaceful demeanor. For many people, they relate to the Elephant's characteristics and that is why they choose to get this little tattoo.

4. Heart

A simple heart outline could be all you need to make a statement and with this one, placement is everything. Anywhere you put this little heart, it is sure to stand out. Fun fact: my mom and I got this matching heart on our right-hand middle fingers and it is one of my favorite tattoos I have!

5. Home State

Another simple outline tattoo could be your home state! I think this one is unique because if you ever leave home, you will always the reminder of where you came from. This one is especially great for those who are going off to college and want something sentimental to have with them and this one will be forever!

6. Sailboat

The sailboat is a perfect representation of how we feel in our lives. Sometimes we feel stranded and out in the middle of the ocean with nowhere to turn and getting this tattoo could be that reminder that even though we struggle (as all humans do), we somehow manage to find our course back to shore.

7. Sun

The sun is our constant reminder that even through a stormy, dark night the sun will rise to start a new day and a brand new beginning and for some of us, this is the only reminder we need.

8 . Dandelion

Dandelions are mostly known for good luck when you were a good but dandelions also have a deeper meaning. Many people believe that this represents survival, healing, and clarity. It is also a beautiful, timeless piece to look at.

9. Roman Numerals

Roman numeral tattoos are fascinating because people get these numbers on them for various different reasons and you can learn a lot about someone by asking them what the significance of the numbers are.

10. Mountains

Mountain ranges can have different meaning to anyone who has this tattoo. For some, it is symbolic for being closer to God and for others it shows that they have higher perspective and a unique point of view.

There is no shortage of tiny tattoos that are interesting and individual to the person who has them and maybe if you are someone who has been deciding on what kind of tattoo to get, hopefully this provided you with some inspiration!

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