10 Times You Were Actually April Ludgate

1) When you had a book of things you needed to get done, but were watching Netflix instead

2) When you had to explain to your mother why there's a photo of you on FB at the bar guzzling booze

3) When you couldn't handle socializing like a normal human should be able to

4) When you wrote an entire term paper in one night and still managed to pass

5) When you were having a casual breakdown but your friends took you out and helped you forget whatever was upsetting you

6) When it first hit you that adulting is hard af

7) When your dog brought you more comfort than any human ever would

8) When your DD cut you off after you tried to stand on the bar

9) When you were forced outside for an activity and felt like you were crawling out of your own skin

10) When you got paired up with the misogynist fuckboi for a group project and instantly started acting hostile

If you can relate to one or many of these classic April Ludgate moments, congratulations. You're a fan-fucking-tastic human being.

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