It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Max Greenfield's character, Schmidt, on Fox's New Girl.

His hilarious physical comedy in combination with his one-liners are enough to leave anyone in stitches. Therefore, as a perfect excuse to use as many Schmidt gifs as I can, here are 10 times that Schmidt perfectly summed up the end of winter break.

1. When you realize you don't have a lot of time left.

That can't be true.

2. When you realize you need to start packing.

Packing is quite literally, the worst.

3. When you can't find any of your stuff.


4. When you catch up with the roomies to see if you need to get anything for the room.

Well, are you?

5. When you need to say goodbye to your dog (and your family too.)

No, Daisy!!!!

6. And then you remember the whole "getting your stuff up the stairs/into your dorm" fiasco.

Just brilliant.

7. But then you remember that you're going to see all of your friends.

Oh yeah!

8. Plus, it's syllabus week.

Hell yeah, it is.

9. And even though it's another semester of tough work, it's also another semester of hanging with the best people ever.


10. (And plenty of Domino's.)

I'll drink to that.