10 Times That Salem Was Really A College Student

10 Times That Salem Was Really A College Student

Salem Saberhagen might have been a 500 year old warlock but sometimes he acted just like a college student.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

You know they don't really make TV shows like they used to, but thanks to Netflix and Hulu I can binge watch (and rewatch) my favorite TV shows anytime I want. Recently I decided to sit down and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch again. When I was younger I could catch a few shows here and there when I got home after school but I had never seen them all. And boy was I missing out. The show may have been about Sabrina and her witchy adventures, but let's be real, Salem the cat was the one who really stole the show! There were time when Salem would say something and I'd have to pause the show just so that I could stop laughing, and there were other times I just like, "Same!" Salem might have been a 500 year old warlock but I think he was more like a college girl than he himself realized.

There is always a reason to eat food.

You failed an exam? Food can fix that. More specifically ice cream, cake, and fatty cheese products can fix that.

You and your friends all passed your chemistry exam? What could be better than food and drinks downtown to celebrate? When I do well on an exam I always go out for for Japanese food, because I really deserve it. Positive reinforcement and rewarding yourself will inspire you to do even better on the next exam.

It's all about the Benjamins.

Without your parents around to pay for stuff, you begin to realize how expensive everything actually is. You go to the store for bagel bites and toilet paper and it somehow adds up to $50!

Sharing a bathroom is hard.

Whether is a communal bathroom and shower, or just sharing a bathroom with your roommates there are going to be privacy issues. Nothing is worse than forgetting to lock the door, or having to wait on someone to get out. Whether it's today, or tomorrow someone will always be inconvenienced, how you handle the situation is up to you. But I have to say, over-coming privacy issues has been one of my greatest accomplishments in college.

Earning your degree is the hardest thing you've ever done.

Four years can seem like forever academically. With all of the studying, reading, and papers you have to write sometimes a tassel doesn't seem worth the hassle. (But it is!) Just keep reminding yourself that this is the midterm paper you will ever have to write for this professor.

Sometimes you just really need a night in by yourself.

In college you are always surrounded by people; your roommates, your classmates, everyone shoved together on the same bus to campus. Sometimes while everyone is at the weekly party, or function you just want to take some time for yourself and stay home away from all of the chaos. And trust me, sometimes it's a good thing. Relax, recharge, and give yourself some much need personal time.

When your friends ask you to go out.

Why? Because when you get a group of close friends together and add stress and alcohol something dramatic is bound and determined to happen. Sometimes (most of the time) when you have a little bit too much to drink you end up saying something that you'll regret in the morning.

Going to your 8 a.m. the morning after going out.

Last night you promised yourself that you would be in bed by one. Well, drunk you didn't listen and three hours of sleep is not sufficient beauty rest. You wake up with 30 minutes to get to class and you're still wearing last night makeup. Sadly a party pony cannot hide the unmistakable shine of greasy hair. Let's just say thank God for dry shampoo!

But then the kid that sits next to you makes a comment about your appearance.

You make it to class only three minutes late and hurry to your usual seat. The student sitting next to you takes in your shambled appearance, the left over makeup, the neon band you forgot to cut off or the faint image of X's on the back of your hands. But does he keep this to himself? Oh no! He leans over to you and whispers, "I bet you had a fun time last night, didn't you?" You struggle to pull together and smile, remembering that you have to hold your tongue because if you're too mean to him then he won't share his notes. And let's be honest you won't be taking any this morning.

Reflecting on the days before college.

You were young, naive, and not as knowledgeable in the ways of eyeliner and lipstick as you are today. One time my friends and I decided that it would be a good idea to creep on each other and turn our old Facebook pictures into memes... Let's just say that it's all fun and games until someone brings up braces and baby fat.

Going home.

Finally someone to feed and take care of me! Coming home after a long semester has got to be one of the best the feeling ever. Everyone should just drop everything and wait on me hand and foot. I've had a rough time, and let's be honest, do your parents really have a life without you? *wink*

Honestly, if you haven't watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch then you're doing life wrong. What could be better than magic and a sarcastic cat that wants to take over the world? That's right, nothing.

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