10 Times Joyce Byers' Stress Level Was Totally Relatable To College Students

10 Times Joyce Byers' Stress Level Was Totally Relatable To College Students

We are all almost perpetually stressed.

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If you've watched one or both seasons of Stranger Things, you know that Joyce Byers has a lot on her plate, both as a mom and just as a human being. Yet one thing that remains constant both seasons is that she refuses to give up on the people she loves. While no one we know may contract a virus from an alternate dimension, there are certainly times we can relate to how Joyce Byers is feeling.

1. When you're having a vent session with your friends about how life is going right now.

You either have friends who affirm that yes, you are a crazy mess, or friends that don't. Either way, college life is stressful.

2. When you're trying to convince your professor you deserve the few points you need to bump a B+ to an A-.

Come on, I've only missed one class all semester, and I'm TWO POINTS away.

3. When it's finally Christmastime.

We might not be able to fit a full-size tree in our dorm/apartment, but you can bet we will have Christmas lights! We won't be using them to communicate with an alternate dimension, but we will hang them up nonetheless.

4. When you assess the damage to your bank account after a night out.

Why did I buy 20 Insomnia Cookies??

5. When you get a call from the same telemarketer for the tenth time.


6. When you're trying to explain your plan to balance 18+ credit hours next semester to someone.

It might be possible, but it still sounds crazy.

7. When your ex tries to get back into your life.

Please get out of my DMs, thank you.

8. When you're trying to comfort your best friend.

Sometimes, you're not the one having the mental breakdown. Just like your friends are there for you, you're there to support them.

9. When you lose your drunk friend at a party.

Friends don't let friends wander off alone.

10. When someone says they don't like Stranger Things.

How could you?!

Much like college does for its students, the plot of "Stranger Things" keeps Joyce Byers in almost perpetual stress. But in the end, we all still have friends and family to fall back on.

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