I have been a resident of Utah since 2002, and I have had my fair share of winter driving experiences. As I was driving to work this past week in the middle of an absolute blizzard (okay, so it wasn't really a blizzard. But it sure felt like it..) I was reminded of how awful winter driving really is. Here are 10 thoughts every driver has had when braving a winter storm.

1. Where The F*** Is My Scraper?

Oh, whaddaya know. Lost again! I wonder how well an old credit card will work?

2. How Likely Is It That My Hands Will Literally Freeze To The Steering Wheel?

It doesn't even matter that you remembered to put on gloves. It's pointless. You're essential holding an ice cube.

3. Respect My Radius, Homie

I won't tailgate you if you won't tailgate me.....

4. What's That? Another Unplowed Road? Bring It.

I mean, minus the giant airplane. However, managing to stay slip free while driving to work is just as phenomenal.

5. Fingers Crossed That I Make It Up This Hill!

*Drops to 2nd gear in preperation*

6. Oh, God. Fingers Crossed That I Come To A Stop At The Bottom of This Hill.

Nailed it.

7. Whoo! I Love A Good Fishtail!

Nooopeee...Wait, no I don't. How do I get out of this?!


*Life flashes before your eyes*

9. I Mean, It MIGHT Be Okay To Go A Little Faster...

Nope, no. Definitely not.

10. Ah!! Is That A Plow?

It IS a plow.