Okay, so you just going into your second or third year of college and it is finally time to move out of the dorms/apartments and into a new place that you hope to have a few years. You've been searching for forever for a house and then you finally find the perfect house for you and your friends/future roommates. Perfect right? Well, here are a few thoughts that circle your brain as you move into your first home away from your parents, off campus, and in this next part of your college career. And they rarely leave your head.

1. Do I actually have to pay these?

Paying bills call for some stressful financial moments. And unfortunately, with a new house, you have to deal with all that comes with it.

2. Are the lights and A/C off?

Because now it actually matters.

3. What's for dinner?

Leftover mac and cheese or order DP Dough—the possibilities are endless.

4. Do I need anything from Target today?

I got the important stuff yesterday, but now I cannot stop thinking about those cute decorations that were on sale.

5. Am I allowed to use this? Are my roommates going to hate me if I do?

There is a fine line between using a plate or using their toothbrush…

6. Should I clean? Or passively aggressively live in filth?

I cleaned last week.

7. Are we going out tonight?

I need to know now so I can either put on makeup or sweats.

8. Is it too late to have a boy over?

My mom would never allow this at home.

9. Where is everyone?

A common group text message between all your roommates.

10. How did I get so lucky?

I am fortunate to be living in such a cute house with my cute best friends.

Although all of these thoughts seem pretty odd and can at times be stressful, you are fortunate to not be dealing with all on your own. Just realize that you are working your way up to the real life adulting part of life. So it could be worse, you know?