Ahh, the last, very first day of school. Not just high school, but college.

The place you have gotten to know over the past four years. The place that shaped you and taught you more about yourself than you could have imagined back on move-in day freshman year.

Even though there were some weeks that never felt like they would end, here you are now, on your last ever first day of the semester and here's what you're thinking...

1. "Thank goodness I only have to take easy classes this semester!!"

2. "Next year at this time I will actually be "adulting" wow..."

3. "Crap, I need to start applying for jobs"

4. "I never thought this day would actually come."

5. "What day is graduation?!"

6. "I hope this last semester is an easy one."

7. "Why is there a freshman in this class?"

8. "I can't wait for senior week!"

9. "Is this actually my very last first day of school?"

10. "College is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am going to miss it SO much."

As your last semester kicks off, remeber to thank those who have helped you along the way, appreciate every moment, soak it up and most importantly, when it doubt, go out.