10 Thoughts Portuguese Water Dog Owners Have
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10 Thoughts Portuguese Water Dog Owners Have

No, they're not poodles.

10 Thoughts Portuguese Water Dog Owners Have

Portuguese Water Dogs (PWD or porties) are a lesser known breed, but are actually one of the most interesting breeds of dogs there is. I'll be honest, before owning one, I didn't know much besides the Obama's had two. Portuguese Water Dogs were first documented around 1200. Often identified by their distinct groom called a lion cut, PWD are the dog of the sea. Here are just some thoughts PWD owner's encounter on a daily basis.

1.) This dog has more personality than most people.

This is the absolute truth. PWD have so much personality and each is unique to that dog.

2.) No, my dog is not a poodle, or a doodle!

This one is a common thought. Anytime you take your dog in public it's only a matter of time before someone asks if she's mixed with something. No, this dog is not a something-doodle.

3.) The groomer did not clip her wrong.

Many people who are not familiar with the lion clip often think the groomer just forgot to cut the rest of your dog. But in reality, the lion clip has historical and occupational significance. The PWD are cut like this so their powerful hind legs are not hindered to swim freely, while the rest of their body has a thick fur covering to keep the vital organs warm.

4.) This dog is definitely smarter than me.

I have this thought multiple times a day. PWD are crazy intelligent. They learn very quickly and pick up on what you're trying to do very quickly.

5.) My dog swims like a fish.

Having previously owned a labrador retriever, I thought I had seen a dog graceful in water- I was wrong. PWD are like fish in the water, they move so gracefully. Portuguese Water Dogs were used to help fishermen in Portugal to bring in the nets. They come from a long, instilled instinct to swim.

6.) Is there a human inside of my dog?

Personality and intelligence- you will be thinking there is a human inside of your dog. Especially after you talk to your PWD and they definitely know what you're saying. Maybe this is often why you see more human-like names for this breed.

7.) Wow, I have a beautiful dog.

Just watching this breed run, walk, sleep, swim will make you have this thought. PWDs are a powerful and graceful breed. They look beautiful even sleeping in the "portie position".

8.) Tables are one of their favorite perches.

Have you ever walked downstairs to find your dog on the table? I have. PWD love to perch- tables, counters, backs of couches, chairs- you name it.

9.) I think this dog may be more of a Portuguese Snow Dog than a water dog.

They LOVE snow. If the snow is high enough, PWD will literally try and swim through the snow.

10.) Your lap is one of their favorite spots.

Porties are extremely attached to their humans. They love to be in your lap or right by your feet.

PWD are a wonderful breed that has their quirks just like any other breed, but PWD owners wouldn't have it any other way!

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