10 Thoughts And Things You Say While Moving
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10 Thoughts And Things You Say While Moving

Everyone wants to move until they start.

10 Thoughts And Things You Say While Moving

We have all had to move at some point, to a new house, back to school, or have helped a friend move into their new apartment. Taking the next steps in life is something people often look forward to or have been preparing for their entire lives. It`s exciting to get to the new place but a pain to get there. Here are some thoughts or phrases that may be a part of the moving experience.

1. I have so much stuff.

I`ll be the first to admit it, I have way too many things and not enough places to put all of them. It takes a bit of work to get it all together and ready to go, even for a three day trip, let alone moving to an entirely new place.

2. Wow, I thought I lost this ages ago!

Those gadgets you find hidden behind your dresser turn into the biggest distraction because of course you need to see if the Tamagotchi you got in fourth grade still works once you scavange for batteries. Two hours later you come to the conclusion that it does.

3. I swear it will fit.

Trying to squeeze that last pair of shoes into the box or the lone pair of jeans into your suitcase becomes a large game of Tetris. If you angle everything just right you may get lucky.

4. I ran out of space.

I seem to have an abundance of bags until I actually need them. Running out of space means turning the shoe boxes and shipping boxes into your newest storage containers.

5. Do we have any more boxes/bags?

That moment when you realize you don`t have any more space and still have a whole drawer of shirts you can`t leave behind, that`s when the thinking cap is put on and you wish that teleportation was a thing.

6. I don`t have _______.

After everyting is all moved in and you realize you forgot a toaster, shampoo, toothbrush, phone charger, anything really. Then it happens again once you retrieve the one thing you forgot the first time. It`s a never ending cycle.

7. I`m going to have to make 20 trips.

This is when you call all your friends and promise celebratory pizza afterwards for all their help.

8. I need a break.

Packing is such a tiring experience and it is always a good idea to have someone else helping you get everything around. They can remind you to pack the winter clothes you have stashed away in the entryway closet and the towels in the cupboard.

9. Is that everything?

You`re going to forget something, its inevitable. Don`t worry too much about it, someone can bring it to you or ship it to your new place if you ask nicely, or you could drive the 15 minutes and pick it up in a couple days.

10. Can`t I just live out of these boxes?

Unpacking is just as fun as packing, so in other words you will consider just leaving everything packaged up and hope that whatever you need is close to the top. Eventually you`ll realize rearranging is necessary, but until then this system works.

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