It's midterms season, which means our brains are dead & so are our laptops. Here are some thoughts we all have as college students during midterms.

1. Crap. How is the semester already halfway over?

I swear last time I checked it was August, there's no way it can already be the end of October.

2. I should've started studying sooner.

We've all been there. Procrastination is an art for college students.

3. Sleep is for the weak.

I'll just take a nap after my exam tomorrow. Wait, I have to study for my other exam. Well crap, I guess I can sleep when I'm dead.

4. Coffee counts as a meal, right?

Coffee is the only thing getting me through this week. MUST. HAVE. COFFEE.

5. Nap or Netflix?

I mean the sound of curling up and closing your eyes under all the covers is so alluring. But so is the sound of binge-watching the next season of my Netflix show.

6. If I fail, I can just do better on the final.

No big deal, that's why they give us 2 exams. So, if I bomb it, it's totally ok because I have a second chance.

7. When did we learn this?

I swear the professor NEVER talked about this!

8. I give up. I'm done.

I quit college. I am going to become a stripper or marry a rich man. It's fine. I'm fine.

9. Just kidding. I can do this.

I can totally do this, I am so ready. Bring it on.

10. Nevermind, I'm screwed.

It's fine. I'm fine.