10 Thoughts College Students Have Every Day

College is not a walk in the park...for anybody. It's also not anything like it is portrayed in the movies.

We don't get out of class every day in time to grab lunch with seven of our closest friends, then go shopping at the mall, meet the love of our life while we're there, go grab coffee with said love of life, and then happen to run into them at a party that same night, all without doing any homework.

If that's how you're doing college, please tell me what you're doing so I can start doing the same thing.

Let's be real, college is the actual struggle, and us students really know it. While we might all be at different schools, with different majors, doing different things, these are 10 thoughts I'm pretty sure most to all of us have on a daily basis.

1. "I'm going to skip this class...no I'm not, but for the record, I want to."

Signing up for early classes sounds like a good idea in theory. You're all excited to be able to end your day early so you have time to do whatever you want...until your alarm goes off for that 8 A.M. and you rethink your entire life decisions. Something to remember: 7 A.M. in college is completely different than 7 A.M. in high school.

2. "What is even going on right now?"

If you're like me, you whisper "What the f*ck" to yourself under your breath at least 10 times a day, no less. Whether your professor walks in and goes "I hope everybody is ready for this exam today" yet it wasn't on your syllabus, or you look up on the board and just can't even comprehend what the hell just happened or what the professor just said, or if you're sitting down to do your homework on something that was never taught in class, the expression tends to come in handy a lot.

3. "I should really probably do my laundry soon."

Being as busy as we are, little things like laundry don't usually ever tend to take priority. In fact, most of us don't even remember that we had to laundry until we open our drawer and realize that we don't have anything to wear! It's one of those things that you keep telling yourself "Yeah, I'll do it later" and "later" ends up being in three weeks.

4. "I wonder what I'm going to have for dinner tonight?"

Do you really go to college if the food served there doesn't kind of suck? Everyday I go through the same contemplations: "Am I really going to eat at the dining hall, or am I just going to go home and put together what's in the fridge? Ooh, better idea, let's just order pizza again!"

5. "That's it, I'm switching my major. This shit is too hard."

Just because I'm a Biology Pre-medical major with a double minor in Chemistry and Neuroscience doesn't mean that everybody around me isn't thinking the same thing 24/7: "Am I really smart enough for this?" As soon as you look at your workload, or get a bad grade on an assignment or exam, you go nuclear. We all love our major and can't wait to do something with it one day, but all these classes we have to take to get it are absolutely something we do NOT love. We literally have "Major contemplations" (punny).

6. "Maybe I'll go to the gym today. Actually, I'm pretty tired, I think I'll take a nap instead."

No one wants to be gaining weight in college. These are supposed to be our glory years, so of course we want to look good. However, let me use a phrase I despise most dearly to explain this point. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Chances are staying up until 2 A.M. last night is now coming back to bite you in the ass, and you realize you need to get some sleep! The gym will always be there, but your sweet dreams won't!

7. "I don't know when these professor's think I'm going to have time to do all this work."

Sometimes, it seems like professors think that their class is the only class you're taking this semester. I think sometimes they think that we have all the spare time in the world to do all the work they want to pile on us. I get it, we're adults, but we're not perfect. We need time for food, sports and extracurricular activities, and sleep in addition to studying!

8. "Wow. I probably look like a homeless person."

Like the outfit? Me too. It may be 90 degrees outside and you may be wearing the same sweatpants you've been wearing for two days, crocs, and a wrinkly T-shirt that you pulled out of the bottom of your hamper, but it's a good thing you came here to learn and not make fashion statements, right? College takes it out of you, and I think us all looking like homeless people around campus really symbolizes how draining this all is!

9. "I miss my pets."

One thing that is a blessing and a curse about living on an open campus is the pets people walk through it. Every time I pass someone walking a cute little doggo my heart shatters a little bit for my own doggos at home. I think we can all agree when we say that the hardest thing about leaving home is having to say goodbye to your pets.

10. "I still can't believe I'm actually in college."

I'm a sophomore in college and still about once to twice a month I get hit with the sudden "Wow, I frickin' live here" and the "Wow, I frickin' go to school here" and of course the "Wow, I'm a frickin adult". It's just crazy to look back at how far we've come, and think about how we ended up here. This is it, we are IN college! Another very annoying phrase that can be used to sum all of this up is "Mamma, we made it!".

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