10 Thought Every College Student Has While Doing Laundry

You're probably wondering what might have inspired this article and its obviously because there was a pile of laundry 5 feet up the side of my wall and it was finally the day i had to do laundry.

If you aren't new to this whole college thing then you know just the feeling of watching laundry pile up so high you know it just might never get done. But with a little hard work and dedication you know it will be over in a painfully long amount of time.

Laundry is definitely not our friend but someone's gotta do it, and that someone just so happens to be us.. but you can't argue you have so many questionable thoughts in the process.

1. "I definitely forgot to put soap in there."

if you've never done this before you are lying.

2. *Calls mom*

Um mom, can I put that blue shirt in the same wash with this white shirt?

3. "I would literally pay someone to do this for me."

If you don't have a breaking point somewhere in the process you are doing it wrong.

4. "Wow I've been looking for this."

sometimes that laundry basket turns into a black hole and you find clothes you've been missing for weeks.

5. "Yup that smells."

Pro Tip: if you like to leave your laundry to pile up for weeks throw some dryer sheets in your basket every now and then.

6. "I wish my mom could just do this for me..."

Long live the sweet days of living at home and having your mom take care of the laundry.

7. "I don't know how to fold."

When the clothes come out of the dryer things either go 2 ways.. 1. Clothes get kind of folded or 2. Throw that stuff in the drawers as is. Option 2 is usually how things go.

8. *Forgets stuff in machine for 3 hours.*

It happens to the best of us.

9. "Welp this definitely wasn't pink when I started."

Clothes that were once white are now a whole range of different pastels.

10. *Loses pairs of socks like it's your day job."

That laundry room eats socks I'm convinced.

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