1. Group classroom seating is a struggle.

No, I really am not trying to bump elbows with you during this test but I can't help it.

2. Because of that, you will always volunteer to sit at the left end of the table to avoid elbow bumps.

I will willingly put myself away from the conversation at the center if it means not knocking elbows.

3. Desks that are attached to seats are hopeless.

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

4. Your hand will ache after a few minutes of using standard scissors.

Left handed scissors are more expensive and harder to find, so our cuts are always jagged because the scissors don't work right when held upside down. #justiceforlefties

5. You know the pain of writing in general.

You end up with ink or graphite smudges all over your pinky and the side of your hand (lovingly named "Silver Surfer Syndrome from the graphite leaving you with silver skin), your letters are all smudged, and you have marks on your arm from the spiral in your notebook.

6. At some point you'll realize that left-handed notebooks are just highly priced notebooks turned upside down.

Seriously, once I realized that flipping my notebook was the same thing, my life was CHANGED!

7. You can almost never read what a cute mug says on it because you have to hold it backwards.

8. Can openers? More like medieval torture devices for left handed people.

Really though, people only ask lefties to open cans for entertainment.

9. When someone finds out you are left handed, they will tell you about someone else they know who is left handed.

"Oh my gosh you're a lefty? My uncle is a lefty." Thank you for sharing.

10. However, when you see someone else who is a lefty, you both get really excited.

Hello, rare friend of mine. We are united in our elbow-bumping struggles.