10 Questions People With Travel Anxiety Ask Themselves

10 Questions People With Travel Anxiety Ask Themselves

Funny how anxiety is triggered when you are supposed to be relaxed.

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Anxiety can take many forms with many different triggers. If you have travel-induced anxiety, here are 10 questions you probably end up asking yourself:

1. What if something happens to my parents? Grandparents?

I've always been a family person, so being a plane ride away from them will always scare the sh*t out of me. I feel so helpless on vacation, and I would be an absolute wreck if they needed me and I wasn't there for them.

2. OMG, what about my dog?!

My dogs are my babies and they think I abandoned them. I feel like the worst owner ever when I leave them, but if something ever happened while I'm gone? I'd never forgive myself.

3. What if the plane runs out of fuel?

I'd probably have a heart attack just hearing that message.

4. ...or we crash?

I'd really never make it then.

5. ...or I have to do any of that annoying stuff the flight attendant says at the beginning?

I've heard it a million times, but I haven't listened in years sooo...

6. What happens if I land in the hospital and no one can visit because I'm 37388362 miles away?

Hospitals scare me as it is, I can't even imagine not having my family there with me.

7. What happens if the hotel catches on fire? I'll never make it out.

Does anyone ever pay attention to those little maps on the back of the door? And all the fire alarms constant blinking is just annoying.

8. ...or my house?!

My stuff... My family...

9. What happens if I lose my luggage doesn't make it? I'm going to have to roam this city naked!

The clothes I lost are the best of the best, my favorites of favorites... what would I do?

10. What happens if my best friend needs me?

What if they need me? What will I do? I'd never forgive myself for being such a bad friend.

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