10 Things You Need To Know About Public Relations
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10 Things You Need To Know About Public Relations

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.


"Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics."

Public relations is a field of study that offers broad methods that can essentially influence and change society's point of view. It helps benefit the organization and/or the company on whose behalf you are working. Often people do not understand what PR is, nor do they understand the depth of what a job in PR can entail. This is to clear the air for all PR professionals out there, as well as those PR majors that so often get a raised eyebrow when they tell others what they are currently studying.

1. No, we did not choose PR as an "easy route" to getting a degree.

There are lots of academic journeys to choose from, maybe I'm not good with solving mathematical equations and unraveling a scientific formula to conclude an experiment. Maybe I'm not made to be a nurse or a psychologist. Maybe PR is just something that makes sense for me like those do with you: with its own way of identifying methods, developing strategic plans, and communicating messages effectively.

2. "So, you have a relation with the public?"

Well, yes, but there are many avenues you can go down to reach your audience(s). There are multiple ways to identify who and how your public views something -- PR is all about strategically communicating with diverse publics to show the importance of something, and also its why. It is about forming that relationship with the public -- in whichever field and occupation that helps reach that public.

3. Our profession is needed in a series of occupations in the world.

PR specialists are taking the business world by storm. With the wide range of roles that PR entails, it is absolutely needed to help a company and/or organization to be successful. PR work is vital to help improve the in-demand and constantly changing world that we live in. A few examples of the industries that need PR professionals: nonprofit, entertainment, government, sports, etc.

4. We're known as "mini-experts" about numerous things.

Being a PR major, I have noticed this so often. PR majors are taught to learn a lot about a variety of topics -- communication and managing skills, research methods, writing techniques, social media, and also organizing and structuring campaigns for companies to maintain consistency with clients. However, you begin to learn about your surroundings as well -- and to take note of all that there is. Know a little bit about a lot, and it will benefit you even more than you can imagine.

5. Networking and communication are key.

PR provides a way for you to get involved with others and understanding how to build successful relationships with clients that will go a long way. Networking is a way of making the right connections with others, a process of respecting beliefs, and a way to engage in an exchange of needed information -- it's a way of life. Communication is absolutely significant in PR: Communication that is used effectively can transform your company and relationships in life.

6. The importance of working well with others and constructing concise pieces of work.

Building and maintaining good relationships with others is something that PR strives to achieve in order to benefit the company or organization that you are working with. It is about being able to do the company's work effectively and efficiently to benefit its clients' best interest.

7. A proper understanding of skill sets are implemented.

PR involves building and gaining multiple skill sets. When you are dealing with PR work, it is easily seen how important it is to be successful in accomplishing goals. Responsibility, being up-to-date with current events, writing, researching, forming content-related material, identifying ways to reach vast audiences, brainstorming, measuring results, leadership and organizational skills, proper communication tactics, etc. In PR, it is necessary to be actively involved in promoting and doing it the right way.

8. Fundamental ethics are incredibly important.

When working in PR, it is a mutual understanding that your work is honest and true to the core. Integrity, trust, and unique tactics are implemented for an organization so that it can hold itself accountable for its mission -- and its PR person(s) are instrumental in providing the equal value of what the company promotes. You are presenting yourself for the company -- so the ethics are also important to keep in mind.

9. Learning to work like a pro.

There is more to PR than creating press releases, managing social media, case studies, and media kits. It is also helping you to be successful in the real world by its insightful attributes it warmly welcomes. Meeting deadlines, writing coherent and accurate pieces, working in a team with projects are tasks that require numerous responsibilities, professionalism, being punctual, and being able to sense the reality of the world -- in a different light.

10. Making a difference is the motto.

Being able to communicate a message with people in various ways is something that makes PR so unique. However, being able to be relational with the public through the intention of the company's mission statement shows the common ground. It is truly about making a difference in making people content, notified, and aware, but also helping your company with your own personal set of skills that exemplify your brand.

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