10 Things You Learn When You Move To The UP

10 Things You Learn When You Move To The UP

From the Pasty to the trucks, the UP is it's own world.

While Michigan’s lower peninsula is filled with a mix of fun tourist towns and Big City Livin', Michigan’s upper peninsula is filled with trees and bugs. As a born and raised troll, the transition from lower peninsula life to life in the UP has been an educational and eye-opening experience.

Before the 10 things I’ve learned, here is a brief vocabulary lesson for non-Michiganders and for Mitten residents:

Trunk-Slammers: A term of “endearment” for people visiting the UP.

Trolls: People who live below the Mackinac Bridge.

Yoopers: People who live north of the Mackinac Bridge.

Pasty: A pastry made for the main course meal usually containing beef and an assortment of vegetables.

Here are 10 things that I learned in my first year of UP life.

1. The pace is slow for the townies as well as the trunk-slammers on vacation.

The people who live here year round lead slower lives than the people I grew up with in the mitten. Instead of always running around and just getting from one place to the next like we do in the lower peninsula, Yoopers take the time to appreciate their surroundings. They stop to smell the roses and appreciate the beautiful scenery. They spend their weekend's camping, hiking and relaxing with loved ones.

2. The clouds are alive.

No this is not a legitimate cloud. This is a swarm of black flies. The largest swarm I have seen was so big, it looked like the Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets had arisen and began flying over US route 2 (the highway that follows the Lake Michigan side of the UP).

The bugs in the UP are a real nuisance. Between the mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, and ticks, sometimes it seems like everything up here bites. Never leave the house without bug spray on hand. And make it a strong bug spray.

3. Hiking is a must but beware.

Living up here, there are a plethora of places to hike for all skill levels. From flat dirt paths for the beginner to off-the-beaten-path mountain hiking, we have a little bit of something for everyone. Some of the best views in the UP are just a little hike off the road. From seeing exciting waterfalls like Laughing Whitefish Falls to the clear freshwater spring Kitch-iti-kipi to the tranquil Lake of the Clouds in the Porcupine Mountains, there are so many places to see. But remember those bugs that were mentioned previously? Beware of those. Bring your bug spray.

4. Pasties are a food group.

The Pasty is more than just a food for yoopers, it is a cultural icon that is one of the defining characteristics of the UP way of life. While it is not something they eat every day, it is incorporated into family traditions and get-togethers. Pasty shops can be found in the major cities including Escanaba, Marquette, Munising, and St. Ignace, as well as smaller towns. They are everywhere. And YOU MUST CHOOSE A FAVORITE. Every yooper has their favorite shop and no other shop can touch it.

5. Hockey is a way of life.

From youth hockey to collegiate rivalry, Hockey is the talk of the town. The rivalry between the Michigan Technological University Huskies and the Wildcats of Northern Michigan University packs the stadium for each game. The rivalry runs deep and pride is shown in various layers of spirit wear from both sides.

On the high school level, the Gibson Cup is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the first decade of the 1900s. This rival competition is between the Portage Lake Pioneers and the Calumet Wolverines in a best-of-three competition.

6. Deer are about as common as squirrels.

Deer cross the road with no regard for their life and safety. They will come up to you if you are having a picnic and you have food. They will not run away from you when you are passing them on the side of the road in your car. And they are everywhere. You can even spot a couple albino deer in the Marquette area!

7. Everybody looks like a tanned Abercrombie model in the summer…

Because there is so much to do outside, everyone gets 20 shades darker in the summer, their hair gets lighter, and most of them look #Flawless. But then the inevitable winter comes in and everyone looks like the Michelin Man because of having so many layers on.

8. Almost everyone drives a truck.

When stopped at a light, it is not uncommon to see 10 trucks within spitting distance to your vehicle, 2 of which are probably jacked up and muddy. Snowmobiles and four wheelers are also extremely common up here. Most people also own either a trailer, motor-home or several tents. Yoopers like their toys.

9. This is truly “God’s Country”.

The UP is filled with breathtaking views and endless places for photo ops and enjoying time with family and friends. From the wintery skiing days to the autumn hikes to see the fall colors, yoopers take full advantage of this beautiful part of the world over every season.

10. You will NEVER be considered a Yooper.

No matter how long you live here, if you weren’t born here, you will never be a true yooper. The most you can hope for is to be considered a “Trooper”, a.k.a. a Troll who moved to the UP. Don’t waste your energy arguing (even if you have lived here for 10 plus years). Your neighbors will still refer to you as a troll.

Cover Image Credit: Danielle Marie Bain

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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11 Ways To Travel More And Spend Less

Airbnb is just the beginning.


Everyone wants to travel, but it can be really expensive, especially if you are in college and have a lot of other expenses. Here are a few different ways you can travel while still staying on budget. These are just some of the ways you can reduce travel costs.

1. Airbnb

A hotel that got four and a half stars in the reviews costs $245 a night in New Orleans, Airbnb has options for as low as $28 a night that has five stars rated by over 130 people. In San Francisco, a five star Airbnb costs $46 a night where a four and a half star hotel costs $199. So if you are comfortable with renting out someone's space for a bit, it's a great option.

2. Get a hotel membership

If you aren't comfortable with staying in strangers' homes, this is another great way to save money. Earn rewards and free visits by sticking to one hotel chain. This might be hard if you travel abroad but it will certainly help in the states.

3. Last minute airline deals

If you want to travel to Florida in two days, take a look because airlines often lower prices and have last minute deals. I would be okay going in two days if the plane ticket price went down to $98. And for New Orleans, the flight price dropped from $400 to $155 for a round trip ticket. If I leave for Dubai in four days, my round trip ticket is $984 instead of being around $1300. So if you can get up and go in a short period of time, look out for deals like these.

4. Round trip vs. one way tickets

Most people just go automatically into booking a round trip ticket, but sometimes it is actually cheaper to get two one way tickets. So just take a look before you book the tickets.

5 . Eating on vacation

It may not be as exciting as eating out every night, but even just bringing enough for your own breakfast and snacks will save you a ton of money by the end of your trip.

6. Eating at home

Or if you really want to go out on vacation, eat cheaper when you are home. Cook more, go out less — this will save even more money than the previous suggestion. Or even better, do both.

7. Get a credit card with points or miles

This way everything you do will help you do more things in the future, while helping pay for what you want to do now.

8. In terms of saving up, ask for money

If you really want to travel, for every holiday and birthday, ask for money or gift cards, then save it up to go away.

9. Use public transportation

Instead of taking an Uber or taxi everywhere, use public transportation.

10. Use apps

If you are going out of the country, use apps to call and text people instead of paying for a very expensive phone plan. WhatsApp is a very popular option.

11. Withdraw money, don't exchange

Many times you can avoid fees or at least minimize them by withdrawing money while in the country you are visiting rather than paying exchange rate fees.


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