10 Things You Know If You're From Sellersburg, IN
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Student Life

10 Things You Know If You're From Sellersburg, IN

We all graduated from good ole Silver Creek High School

10 Things You Know If You're From Sellersburg, IN

1. We all went to Silver Creek from kindergarten to senior year.

Almost half of your classmates you walk across the stage with on graduation day shared those same nerves as you walked into your first day of kindergarten with as well.

2. You've been to Speed Park at least once.

Whether you walked there in P.E., or your parents took you there to play, you've swung on those swings or slid down the huge slide one way or another. And who could forget the merry go 'round that all of us should've broken at least one bone on anytime we hopped on? Or the hardest decision that caused the most fights of who was going to be the one to push us around and around?

3. From 1st grade to 6th grade, you spent your summers & falls at the Ballpark.

Either you were playing baseball, softball, football, cheering, or there to watch your brother play- you were at the ball park at least 3 times a week in the summer and fall.

4. Taco Bell or McDonald's are the hangout spots.

You can't go to either of these places without seeing someone you know. Whether it be 12pm or 3 am, you're bound to see someone.

5. You know who's vehicle is who's.

Driving down Highway 60 or Highway 31 you know half of the cars you pass whether you want to or not.

6. All of your teachers know exactly who you are.

On the first day of school each year you'e always asked "Aren't you so and so's brother/sister?" or, "Are you so and so's kid?" And believe me, your parents probably know what you got in trouble for at school before you even know what you're in trouble for.

7. Friday nights are spent at basketball or football games.

Whether you're on the court/field, cheering on the sidelines or standing in the bleachers, you know you will always have plans on a Friday night. And if you think about it, what else is there to do here anyways?

8. Brick Church road is where we go to solve all our problems.

Also known as "smoke road," we all drive this winding road (sometimes way too fast) blaring music trying to get our minds off reality. Our burnout marks stain these roads marking them as our territory.

9. Chillers swallows all of our money.

We blow all our money in the summer and fall at chillers. Slushies, cotton candy vortexes, brownie sundaes, the list goes on and on. And of course you can't go here without knowing at least one person either.

10. No matter how far we go, Sellersburg is always home.

Sellersburg will always be home no matter how far away you go to college, or move away. And Silver Creek is home too. Nothing beats the reunion we all get every year at the Silver Creek vs. Henryville basketball game every November.

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