Now that we're back at school, here are 10 things everyone understands if they are in Greek life:

1. The fear of recruitment

You don't think you're going to be nervous until you're walking through those doors and start talking to members. You're hoping and praying that they like you and that you'll find your home somewhere. The process is only a matter of days but feels like forever because of your nerves. Despite the end result, you make so many great friends just through the recruitment process.

2. The excitement of Bid Day

After narrowing down who you feel will be a good fit for you, you finally get a bid from your future brothers/sisters. You might even shed a tear or two because you're so excited. Running home to them never felt so good.

3. The ups and downs of pledging.

It has its good and bad moments. Don't worry, we all went through it. It is all worth it when you finally get initiated!

4. The thrill of meeting your big/little

As your getting to know older members, you know exactly who you want as your big. You're showered with gifts and baskets, and when it is revealed who your big is, you cannot wait to spoil a little of your own.

5. The anticipation of wearing those letters

Picking out fabrics and t-shirts are so much fun. You get to make some with your big, your pledge class, or your new bestie.

6. Chapter meetings are a necessary and productive evil.

It may not be your favorite part of greek life, but they are productive, informational, and you know they need to be done.

7. Greek Week is the perfect time to branch out.

This week is such a perfect time to get to know other sororities and fraternities on campus. All of the events and activities are so much fun!

8. Philanthropies are more than a silver lining.

Whatever yours may be, it will always hold a special place in your heart knowing you could give back to your community. Giving back is a pillar of what it means to be a part of Greek Life.

9. Dues are a b*tch.

But hey, at least you know you all the important stuff paid for and ready to go!

10. The bonds you form with your sisters/brothers are something special.

The bond you share with your brothers or sisters is so rare and so special. They will one day be your future bridesmaids or groomsmen. You will never forget these people and all of the memories you have shared with them.